10 Interesting Summer Facts

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If you want to know the hottest season, read Summer Facts. There are four temperate seasons. Those are summer, winter, spring and autumn. The summer season happens between the spring and fall seasons. The nights are the shortest ones, while the days are the longest during the solstice of the summer season. Find out other interesting facts about summer season below:

Summer Facts 1: the beginning of the summer season

Let’s find out the beginning of the summer season. Actually the culture, tradition and climate determine the date for the beginning of the summer season.

Summer Facts 2: the northern and southern hemisphere

When the southern hemisphere has the winter season, the people who live in northern hemisphere experience the summer season.

facts about Summer

facts about Summer

Summer Facts 3: the summer break

During the summer season, the climate is warm. The people can also enjoy the longer days. Therefore, there is a summer break in various universities and schools.

Summer Facts 4: the school time in United States

Most colleges in United States are finished in the beginning of May, while the public schools get out in the beginning of June. The summer break in Canada begins in the end of June until the early September.

Summer Beach

Summer Beach

Summer Facts 5: other summer holidays

The students in South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia start their summer holidays in the mid December until the end of January.

Summer Facts 6: the public holidays

There are various public holidays which occur during the seasons. Those include the bank Holidays in Ireland and UK, the Victoria Day in Canada and Memorial Day in United States, the Canada Day, United States Independence Day and many more.

Summer Pic

Summer Pic

Summer Facts 7: the outdoor activities

People are very happy during the summer season. They can enjoy different ranges of outdoor activities. They decide to travel to the beach or even have picnic at the park or lake.

Summer Facts 8: playing sports

There are various sports played by the people during the summer season such as skateboarding, American football, basketball, football, water polo, golf, tennis, softball, baseball and cricket. Find facts about baseball here.



Summer Facts 9: the beach time

The beach is considered as the most popular place to visit by the people during the summer season. They can swim, surf or even have water skiing. Get facts about skiing here.

Summer Facts 10: the TV program

During the summer season, there are various TV programs made for kids since most of them are off the school.

Summer Facts

Summer Facts

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