10 Interesting Albatross Facts

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One of the impressive seabirds in the world is explained on Albatross Facts. They settle at North Pacific and Southern Ocean. They are included in order Procellariiformes and family Diomedeidae. The large seabirds are not found in North Atlantic even though it was believed that they had inhabited the area based on the fossil remains. Why don’t you look at the following post for details about albatross?

Albatross Facts 1: the longest wingspans

The wingspans of great albatrosses reach 2 feet or 3.7 metres. Thus, they take the record as the birds with the longest wingspans.

Albatross Facts 2: flying efficiency

Albatrosses are capable to do little exertion to reach a greater distance due to the use of slope soaring and dynamic soaring. Their flying ability is efficient in the air.

albatross remains

albatross remains

Albatross Facts 3: the primary diet

The primary diet of albatrosses includes krill, fish and squid. Look at facts about Zoo here.

Albatross Facts 4: lifestyle

Albatrosses live on remote oceanic islands by forming colonial nesting. The bond between female and male albatrosses will last for couple of years. In each breeding season, it only lays a single egg.

albatross image

albatross image

Albatross Facts 5: the oldest wild bird

The record of the oldest wild bird is taken by Wisdom, a Laysan albatross. Chandler Robbins first banded Wisdom in 1956.

Albatross Facts 6: the declined population

The population of albatrosses was decreased for people killed it to take their feathers in the past. The introduction of species like feral cats and rats reduce their population today. Other causes include longline fishing and overfishing which reduce the stock of fish for albatrosses.

albatross pic

albatross pic

Albatross Facts 7: distributions

Albatrosses are distributed in various parts of the world such as South America, South Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. The waved Albatrosses find their food in the coast of South America. However, they will try to reach Galapagos Island to breed.

Albatross Facts 8: the absence of Albatrosses in North Atlantic

Albatrosses are absent in North Atlantic. The reason about its extinction is not known until today. It was believed that the rise of sea level which made the albatrosses absent there. Get facts about Adelie Penguins here.

Facts about albatross

Facts about albatross

Albatross Facts 9: the foods

Offal, crustaceans, fish and cephalopods are the primary foods or albatrosses. The laysan like to eat squid, while the fish is the common food for black-footed albatross.

Albatross Facts 10: the ritual of breeding

The ritual of breeding for albatrosses affects the dancing. The rituals of sky pointing, clucking and wing spreading are spotted on the courting behavior.

albatross facts

albatross facts

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