10 Interesting Adelie Penguin Facts

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Adelie Penguin Facts talk about a species of penguins, which can be found living on Antarctic coast. It has the biological name Pygoscelis adeliae. The name of the penguin is inspired from the name of Adelie Land. The name of the land is taken from the wife of French explorer Jules Dumont d’Urvill. Her name was Adèle Dumont D’Urville. In 1840, Jules discovered the penguins. Let us get other details about Adelie Penguin.

Adelie Penguin Facts 1: the breeding pairs

There were 251 breeding colonies according to an analysis made in 2014. It contained 3.79 million breeding pairs of Adelie penguins.

Adelie Penguin Facts 2: the colonies

The colonies of Adelie penguins settle along the coastlines of Antarctic land and ocean. The number of colonies located at the Antarctic peninsula was decreased. The East Antarctica had increased number of penguins.

Adélie penguin Images

Adélie penguin Images

Adelie Penguin Facts 3: the number of individual colonies

Climate fluctuation affects the size of an individual colony of Adelie penguin. Check facts about woodlice here.

Adelie Penguin Facts 4: the breeding season

Do you know the breeding season of Adelie penguin? It begins from October until February. They use stones to create rough nest.

Adélie penguin Mating

Adélie penguin Mating

Adelie Penguin Facts 5: eggs

The female will generate two eggs. The parents will take turn to incubate the eggs for 32 until 34 days.

Adelie Penguin Facts 6: the chicks

Before the chicks go to the ocean, they will have to stay for 22 days in the nest.

Adélie penguin Specimen

Adélie penguin Specimen

Adelie Penguin Facts 7: the physical description

Most Adelie penguins have the height of 18 to 28 inches or 46 to 71 cm.  The weight is around 7.9 to 13.2 lb or 3.6 to 6 kilogram. The red bill is hidden due to the presence of longer feathers. Compared to other tails of penguins, Adelie has the longer one. Moreover, the body of Adelie penguins looks smaller than other penguins.

Adelie Penguin Facts 8: swimming ability

Adelie penguins have the swimming speed at 8 kilometers per hour or 5 mph. Look at facts about zoo here.

Adélie penguin

Adélie penguin

Adelie Penguin Facts 9: the major diets

Can you mention the major diets of Adelie penguins? They include ice krill, Antarctic krill, sea krill, Antarctic silverfish and glacial squid.

Adelie Penguin Facts 10: predators

The primary predators, which hunt Adelie penguins, include killer whales, skuas, and leopard seals.

Facts about Adelie penguin

Facts about Adelie penguin

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