10 Interesting Liger Facts

Saturday, June 14th 2014. | Animals

Let me give you the interesting liger facts if you want to know the biggest cat in the world. The weight of this cat is unbelievable.  In only three years, the cat can grow up to 320 kilogram. Here are the interesting facts about liger for you:

Liger Facts 1: weight

The weight liger will grow 1 kilogram in every second day.  There is no need to wonder that it can weigh up to 165 kilogram in the first year. In the third years, liger has the weight of 320 kilogram.

Liger Facts 2: the biggest cat in the world

Liger is very famous with its enormous weight. The biggest cat in the world is a liger cat named Hercules. It lives in Miami. The weight of this liger is around 410 kilogram.

Liger Big

Liger Big

Liger Facts 3: Nook

Nook was the biggest cat living in Wisconsin. Actually this cat could beat the record of Hercules. However, he died in 2007. The weight of this cat is more than 550 kilogram.

Liger Facts 4: the result of accident

It is a surprising fact to know the breed of liger is as a result of an accident. Many people think that a liger has the traits of a tiger and lion. Actually it has more traits from a lion. Check tiger facts here.

Liger Facts

Liger Facts

Liger Facts 5: trait

You can say that a liger shares some traits from a tiger because this animal loves to swim. You can find them swimming in the pool. On the other hand, a lion does not like swimming.

Liger Facts 6: roar

Liger can roar too. In some cases, people believe that the roar of a liger represents the roar of a tiger and a lion.

Liger Hercules

Liger Hercules

Liger Facts 7: speed

Can you tell me the speed of a liger when it is running? It can reach 50 miles per hour or 80 km per hour.

Liger Facts 8: a short life span

The life span of a liger usually is very short because this animal is a hybrid product. The cat is very prone to diseases and cancers.

Liger Pic

Liger Pic

Liger Facts 9: Napoleon Dynamite

You can see the appearance of a liger in a movie with the title Napoleon Dynamite in 2004. The movie presents liger as the favorite animal of Napoleon.

Liger Facts 10: hybrid cross product

Do you know that actually liger is hybrid cross product? The scientists get liger by crossing a tigress or Panthera Tigris with a male lion or Panthera Leo.



Liger is a sociable animal just like lion. The tigress will gave birth to a liger which is bigger than the body of the parents. Are you interested reading facts about liger?

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