10 Interesting Pug Facts

Monday, December 15th 2014. | Animals

Pug Facts elaborate the details ideas about a breed of a cute dog.  It is very unique because you can spot the curled tail and short muzzled face.  The body color comes in various options. It can be in glossy and fine coat.  The dog has developed muscles with square shape. Check out more facts about pug in the following post below:

Pug Facts 1: Europe

Pug came from China. It was brought to Europe in 16th century. The House of Stuart and The House of Orange of the Netherlands introduced pug to Western Europe. It was very popular there.

Pug Facts 2: Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria liked a pig a lot. She has a passion toward a pug in 19th century. She also passed her passion of pugs to other members of royal family in United Kingdom.

Pug and Food

Pug and Food

Pug Facts 3: celebs and pugs

Today, there are many celebrities who have a pug as their pet at home. It is still one of the most popular dog breeds in 21st century. In 2004, this pug got Best in Show at World Dog Show.

Pug Facts 4: the body shape

In this modern era, the pugs often have the square cabby body. The muscle is very well developed with deep chest and compact form.  The dogs in 18th century were very different for they had long and lean body.

Pug Cute

Pug Cute

Pug Facts 5: the color of the coasts

The coats are very smooth and glossy. It can come in black, silver fawn, apricot fawn or even fawn. The tail is seen over the hip in curly style. Check out another dog in facts about prairie dogs.

Pug Facts 6: the ears

You can distinguish the pugs based on the ear shapes. There are two different shapes of ears. Both are the button and rose shape. Most people choose the pugs with button styled ears.

Pug Facts

Pug Facts

Pug Facts 7: the legs

The toes of pugs are well split up with straight and strong legs. This animal has small feet.

Pug Facts 8: strong

Pug is a good dog for children since it is small and strong. However, the dog is not aggressive. Find out the aggressive dog in rottweiler facts here.

Pug Teeth

Pug Teeth

Pug Facts 9: food of children

Pugs can develop the affection toward children. You can ask the children to play with pugs. They can be docile and quite.

Pug Facts 10: lazy nature

If you need to a dog which does not need to perform many activities, you can choose pug.  This dog needs a lot of napping time since it has lazy nature.



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