10 Interesting Goldfish Facts

Tuesday, February 25th 2014. | Animals

Goldfish facts give the information about one of the interesting fish in the world. Goldfish is included in the member of carp family. However, this fish is very unique for it has lack of barbell on the mouth. Here are the interesting goldfish facts that you can learn at home:

Goldfish Facts 1: fancy goldfish

Many people want to have goldfish at their home since they come in fancy look. This fish is great to decorate your aquarium and pond. However, you should never place them in outdoor area all of the time since each goldfish has different strength.

Goldfish Facts 2: verities of goldfish

There are more than 125 varieties of goldfish. They are different in term of colors, shapes and sizes.

Goldfish Cute

Goldfish Cute

Goldfish Facts 3: the popular goldfish

There are many popular goldfish hunted by many people all over the world to decorate their home. Some of them include Black moor goldfish, Common goldfish, Bubble-eye goldfish, Veil tail goldfish, Comet goldfish, Lionhead goldfish, Black moor goldfish, Shubunkin goldfish and Fantail goldfish.

Goldfish Facts 4: types of goldfish

There are two kinds of goldfish that you need to know. Both are the flat body type and egg shaped goldfish.



Goldfish Facts 5: he flat body goldfish

If you want the goldfish which is easy to care and hard, you can go with the flat body goldfish. This animal is the perfect one for those who just have this animal or the first time. Some interesting flat body goldfish that you can have include Shubunkin, Wakin, Common, Jikin, and Comet goldfish.

Goldfish Facts 6: Egg-shaped goldfish

The egg shaped goldfish is a bit difficult to take care. You need to know the right ways to treat the egg shaped goldfish. The types of egg shaped goldfish which are not suitable to keep in outdoor area include Telescope-eyed, Ranchu, Oranda, Ryukin, Bubble-eye, Veiltail and Bubble-eye.

Goldfish in a Pond

Goldfish in a Pond

Goldfish Facts 7: egg shaped goldfish for outdoor environment

If you have a nice pond and want to fill with egg shaped goldfish, you need to choose the suitable ones. You can have Black moor, Ryukin and Fantail for the outdoor pond.

Goldfish Facts 8: coldwater fish

Note on the temperature of water if you want your goldfish to survive. Even though this animal lives in coldwater area, ensure that goldfish will never face any fluctuation of water temperature.

Goldfish Pic

Goldfish Pic

Goldfish Facts 9: winter

During the winter season, your goldfish will be less active. They will stay in the bottom of the pond or aquarium.

Goldfish Facts 10: warm temperature

If you find out your gold less active due to the cold temperature, you do not need to be worry since it is a normal behavior. This animal will be active again as soon as the temperature is warm.



To ensure that your goldfish can live well, you need to change the water in the pond and aquarium regularly to ensure that it is not poisonous and died. Are you wondered with facts about goldfish?

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