10 Interesting Honey Bee Facts

Monday, September 9th 2013. | Animals

Honey bee facts below inform you with interesting information about the profitable insect in the world. A single hive needs 1 queen, 800 drones and around 50,000 to 60,000 worker bees. This condition occurs at the summer peak. Find other facts in the following explanation.

Honey Bee Facts 1: Female Worker

If you want to know the bees which do the all of the labor, it is the female ones. They have to work around 35 to 42 days in the summer season. They will fall over because of the high intensity of exhaustion.

Honey Bee Facts 2: Activity in the Hive

During the winter time, the female worker will only stay in the hive for about four months. The queen on in the contrary will fly for 2 up to 3 years.

honey bee facts

honey bee facts

Honey Bee Facts 3: Winter Time

During the winter time, the bees have to produce at least 60 pounds of honey to make a hive. If the honey is less than 60 pounds, they will end up in starvation.

Honey Bee Facts 4: Eyes

Bees have five eyes. The bees can fly in straight position because they have three little eyes located on the top of the head. The two ones are big just like human eyes.

Honey Bee Hive

Honey Bee Hive

Honey Bee Facts 5: Honey

During the summer time, the animals usually can produce 120 pounds. The half of the honey will be taken by human, while the left one is used by the bees to get through the winter season.

Honey Bee Facts 6: Feathery Hairs

The pollen is gathered by the worker bees by using their feathery hairs. Then the pollen will be kept on the pollen basket located on the back legs of the bees. Another animal who loves with flower is seen in Butterfly facts.

honey bee

honey bee

Honey Bee Facts 7: Red Color

The honey bees cannot look at the red color. The animals will never choose the red flowers because they consider red like a black color. Read plant facts for detail info.

Honey Bee Facts 8: Picky Eater

The animals are included in picky eaters. They will go to the favorite flowers and plants. The salvia will be on the first menu.

Honey Bees

Honey Bees

Honey Bee Facts 9: Bee Species

Do you know how many bee species in the world? It is around 30,000 species.

Honey Bee Facts 10: Bee Utopia

It will be a bee utopia if the temperature goes around 96 F.

Queen Bee

Queen Bee

The main purpose for drones or male bees is to mate with the queen. Not all of them can mate with the queen. Some of them can do it. However, they usually die after mating with the queen. Many people do not know that bees are used to treat the severe arthritis.  The bee stringer is used to lower the pain of the arthritis’ patients. This treatment probably is not popular, but it is successful to treat some patients. Do you have any comment on facts about honey bees?

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