10 Interesting Panther Facts

Monday, September 22nd 2014. | Animals

Let me show you the interesting Panther Facts in the following post below. Panther is rough and agile animal.  You can find the dark black body. Some of them feature the leopard spots or prints all over the body. These animals are great hunters. Get more facts about panther by reading the following post below:

Panther Facts 1: relaxing time

When panthers want to relax, they will like to spend the time inside the water. Panther can dive and swim. We can call them as one of the great swimmers.

Panther Facts 2: sense of hearing and sight

The sight and sense of hearing of a panther is great.  They can catch the prey easily due to this wonderful ability. The animals are also equipped with firm claws and strong jaws.

Panther Facts

Panther Facts

Panther Facts 3: agility

Now let’s talk about the agility of Panther. This animal can catch the prey with the leap of 20 feet. The main source of food for panther includes diet, monkeys, birds, rabbits and antelopes.

Panther Facts 4: cat

Panther is included as a type of cat. Based on the size of the body, it is placed in the fifth position of the largest cat in the world. The legs are very short, but it has long body and large skull. You can see strong jaws which enable the panther to grab and attack the prey. Get facts about cat here.

Panther Jaws

Panther Jaws

Panther Facts 5: climbers

If you think that panther is only great for leaping and swimming, you are wrong. This animal is good at climbing. They can attack the prey which lives on a tree such as monkeys.

Panther Facts 6: speed

Let’s find out the speed of a panther. It can run in the speed of 58 km per hour.

Panther on  Tree

Panther on Tree

Panther Facts 7: living alone

Every day, you can spot panther living alone. But they will be close with other panthers during the mating season. When the female panther is pregnant and gives birth to the cubs, she will stay with the cubs until they are 1.5 years. The female panther will teach the cubs to hunt and kill prey.

Panther Facts 8: panther cubs

When the panther cub is delivered to the world, the body is covered with grey fur. It was born in blind condition with closed eyes. When the cub is two weeks, it begins to open the eyes and sees the world.

Panther Pic

Panther Pic

Panther Facts 9: range

You can find panther in various ranges in the world such as Africa, Asia and America. You can spot them on deserts, mountains, savannahs and swamps.

Panther Facts 10: panther in Latin America

The people in Latin America often call panther as the black jaguar because it has dark black color. In North America, it is called cougar.



The people in Asia and Africa call it as black leopard. What do you think on facts about panther?

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