10 Interesting Saber Tooth Tiger Facts

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Saber Tooth Tiger Facts give the very best information about one of the pre historic animals in the world. It is one of three species included in the Smilodon genus. The saber tooth tiger had a close relation with woolly mammoth. This prehistoric mammal can be seen in Pleistocene epoch. Saber tooth Tiger is very powerful. It is considered as one of the stronger predators in the world. Here are some facts about saber tooth tiger to learn:

Saber Tooth Tiger Facts 1: It Is Not Really a Tiger

Some people are wrong if they think that saber tooth tiger is a real tiger. You need to know that the modern tiger are included in the Panthera Tigris subspecies, while saber tooth tiger is included in Smilodon.

Saber Tooth Tiger Facts 2: Many Other Saber Toothed Cats

Saber tooth tiger is not the only saber tooth cats in the world. There are many other powerful breeds such as Megantereon, Homtoherium, and Barbourofelis.

Powerful Saber Tooth Tiger

Powerful Saber Tooth Tiger

Saber Tooth Tiger Facts 3: Prey

The prey of saber tooth tiger includes the herbivorous mammals, prehistoric horses, Giant Sloth and smaller animals. It was not possible for the saber tooth tiger to catch prey on the powerful and big animals like Woolly mammoth. They will search for the smaller and slower animals to catch.

Saber Tooth Tiger Facts 4: Extinction

These animals lived in a prehistoric era.  The scientists estimate that the animals went extinct for about 10,000 years ago. The possibility occurs because of the climate changes that make them extinct as well as the low number of prey to serve the animals. The animal  living today is seen at Girrafe facts.

PreHistoric Saber Tooth Tiger

PreHistoric Saber Tooth Tiger

Saber Tooth Tiger Facts 5: Three Species

There were three species of saber tooth tiger. Those are the North American Smilodon, Smilodon gracilis, and South American Smilodon.

Saber Tooth Tiger Facts 6: Smilodon Gracilis

The smallest member of Smilodon family is Smilodon gracilis. It has the weight around 150 pounds.

Saber Tooth Tiger Fact

Saber Tooth Tiger Fact

Saber Tooth Tiger Facts 7: North American Smilodon fatalis

North American Smilodon fatalis has the medium weight. It is bigger if you compare it with Smilodon gracilis. Get more info about the fying bird in barn owls facts.

Saber Tooth Tiger Facts 8: South American Smilodon Populator

South American Smilodon populator is the biggest saber tooth tiger because the male animal can reach the weight around a half a ton.

Saber Tooth Tiger Facts

Saber Tooth Tiger Facts

Saber Tooth Tiger Facts 9: Canines

What makes this animal is so well known and interesting is the canine. It can go up to 12 inches. Even though saber tooth tiger is powerful, their teeth are easily broken and brittle.

Saber Tooth Tiger Facts 10: Weak Jaws

They have to protect the canines from any breakage. Their jaws are totally weak. Protection is needed to make sure that they can survive.

Saber Tooth Tiger

Saber Tooth Tiger

Many scientists believe that saber tooth tiger live in groups. Their evidence is seen with many fossils discovered on pack. Even though the animals have weak jaws, they have a wonderful style to hunt. Do you have any opinion on facts about saber tooth tiger?

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