10 Interesting the Cane Toad Facts

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You will learn a unique toad on the cane toad facts. It has the scientific name Rhinella marina.  The toad was originated from South and mainland Middle America.  But the toad is also introduced to other regions such as northern Australia, Caribbean and Oceania. There are thousands of eggs laid by the female cane toads. There is no need to wonder that it is called as a prolific breeder. Get other interesting facts about the cane toad below:

The Cane Toad Facts 1: the successful reproduction

The reproduction of cane toad is great and successful. The experts believe that their opportunistic feeding contributes to the success of the reproduction.

The Cane Toad Facts 2: the size of cane toad

Let’s find out the size of cane toad. It has the length at 3.9 to 5.9 inches or 10 to 15 cm. The weight of the largest recorded specimen of cane toad is 5.8 lb or 2.65 kilogram. It has the length at 15 inches or 38 cm from snout to vent. Find facts about amphibians here.

The Cane Toad

The Cane Toad

The Cane Toad Facts 3: the old species

The cane toad is not a new species. It is considered as an old species. You can find a lot of similarities on the old and modern cane toads.

The Cane Toad Facts 4: toxic animal

You have to be careful with cane toad for this animal is highly toxic. You should never ingest the tadpoles. They also own the poison glands. Check frog facts here.

The Cane Toad Pic

The Cane Toad Pic

The Cane Toad Facts 5: a pest control

Cane toad is considered as the pest control because it has voracious appetite. There are various areas in the world introduced with cane toad like the Caribbean islands and Pacific regions.  However, it is very funny that the cane toad now is considered as a pest.

The Cane Toad Facts 6: how to detect the prey

Cane toad detects the prey using various ways such as by using the movement, sense of smell and vision to find out the prey.

The Cane Toad Image

The Cane Toad Image

The Cane Toad Facts 7: the diet of cane toad

The appetite of cane toad is very big. It eats the living and non living matters. They will hunt for the reptiles, small rodents, birds, amphibians, plants, bats, household refuse, invertebrates and dog food.

The Cane Toad Facts 8: inflating the body

Do you know that cane toad can inflate their body? When they meet the potential predator, they will lift the body to make it larger and taller.

The Cane Toad Facts

The Cane Toad Facts

The Cane Toad Facts 9: the predators of cane toad

The predators which eat cane toad are banded cat-eyed snake, eels and broad-snouted caiman.

The Cane Toad Facts 10: the normal response

When the cane toad is being attacked by the predators, it will stand still. The attacker will be killed by their toxin.

Facts about The Cane Toad

Facts about The Cane Toad

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