10 Interesting Roadrunner Facts

Saturday, February 28th 2015. | Animals

Check the interesting information about the bird which belongs to the family of cuckoos in Roadrunner Facts. This bird can be seen in the scrubland, woodlands, deserts, arid areas and grassland.  Most of them live Mexico and south western part of North America. Let me show you more facts about roadrunner in the following post below:

Roadrunner Facts 1: the number of the population

There is no need to worry about the number of the roadrunner today. The population is very stable. But people should concern about the traffic accidents since these birds are often passing the road.  The habitat loss can also decrease the number of the population. However, they are not included as endangered species.

Roadrunner Facts 2: the feathers

Can you tell me the colors of roadrunner? The body is covered with brown, white and black feathers. The head features a crest of black feathers.  The bird can make it upright.

Roadrunner Facts

Roadrunner Facts

Roadrunner Facts 3: the length and weight

The roadrunner can reach the weight around 7.8 till 19 ounces. The length is around 20.5 till 21.3 inches. The wingspan can reach 19.3 inches.

Roadrunner Facts 4: the beak and legs

The legs and beak of roadrunner comes in blue color. The patch of skin is in blue orange color. The eyes are yellow.

Roadrunner Image

Roadrunner Image

Roadrunner Facts 5: the toes

You can find four toes on each foot of roadrunner. The two toes are in backward position, while the other two toes are in forward position. You can find an X-shaped footprint when the roadrunner walks on the sand.

Roadrunner Facts 6: a pair of glands

When you look at the eyes of the roadrunner, you can view a pair of glands. They are used to remove the excess of salt inside the body. This organ is very functional to adapt during the dry condition. Get facts about mockingbird here.

Roadrunner Pic

Roadrunner Pic

Roadrunner Facts 7: warming the body

The roadrunners which live in the desert will always warm the body before they search for food during the day.  It is due to the fact that the night in the desert is very cold.

Roadrunner Facts 8: food

There are various kinds of animals eaten by roadrunner such as mice, spiders, insects, snakes, lizards, and birds.  Sometimes, they eat seeds and fruit.

Roadrunner Pictures

Roadrunner Pictures

Roadrunner Facts 9: the predators

There are some animals which hunt roadrunner such as domestic cats, raccoons, coyotes, skunks and hawks. Find another bird in kiwi birds facts.

Roadrunner Facts 10: building the nest

The nest of roadrunner is made of leaves, twigs, snake’s skin, feather and others materials. Both male and female roadrunners will participate to build it.



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