10 Interesting Gila monster Facts

Wednesday, February 19th 2014. | Animals

Gila monster facts offer you with some ideas about the ground dwelling venomous lizard. This animal is dangerous for it has venom. If you get latched, you need to go to the hospital right away. Gila monster has the scientific name of Heloderma suspectum. Here are the facts about the largest lizard of Gila monster.

Gila monster Facts 1: native land

Gila monster is native to some parts of the world. You can find them living in northern Mexico and south western of United States. If you scrutinize the animal, you can see a heavy blunt head. The tail is short and thick.

Gila monster Facts 2: colors

The color of Gila monster is very enchanting.  It can be found in a combination of black, orange, pink, and yellow color.

Gila Monster facts

Gila Monster facts

Gila monster Facts 3: the venomous lizard

In the lizard groups, there are only two venomous lizards. Both are the beaded lizard and Gila monster. I recommended you to stay away from those lizards.

Gila monster Facts 4: name

The name of this lizard is very unique.  Gila was the name derived from the south western United States Gila River Basin.

Gila Monster Hatches

Gila Monster Hatches

Gila monster Facts 5: venom

If Gila monster feels threatened by other animals or human being, they will latch on the victim. To make the venom penetrating on the victim, they will chew. The neuro toxin will be able to enter the open wound. So, this animal does not inject the venom.

Gila monster Facts 6: food storage

Gila monster can survive without any food for months because they can store the fat in the tails.

Gila Monster Image

Gila Monster Image

Gila monster Facts 7: weight and length

The length of Gila monster is round 56 cm or 22 inches. The weight is round 2.3 kilogram or 5 pounds. You can find them living in semi arid and desert regions like in Arizona and Mexico.

Gila monster Facts 8: life span

Gila monster can live around 20 years. They like eating insects, eggs, mammals, carrion, frogs, small birds and lizards.

Gila Monster Pic

Gila Monster Pic

Gila monster Facts 9: tongue

The function of Gila monster’s tongue is similar with the function of tongue of snakes. They will use the tongue to pick up food and feel the scent.

Gila monster Facts 10: protection

Even though this animal is venomous, it tends to avoid other animals and human. This animal is protected under the Arizona law. So, you should never harm it if you go to Arizona.

Gila Monster

Gila Monster

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