10 Interesting Yorkie Facts

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If you are interested to know a type of a small dog breed, look at Yorkie Facts. The full name is Yorkshire terrier. In 19th century, people who worked in the clothing mills used them to catch rats. The development of the breed took place in Yorkshire, England. Therefore, it is called Yorkie or Yorkshire terrier. Let us find out other unique facts about Yorkie by reading the following post:

Yorkie Facts 1: the maximum size

Yorkie has the maximum size of 3.2 kilogram or 7 pounds. It is relatively small for a dog. However, in rare cases, a number of Yorkies have the weight of 6.8 kilogram or 15 pounds.

Yorkie Facts 2: the color

Yorkie comes in various coat colors such as tan, black and grey.

Yorkie Facts

Yorkie Facts

Yorkie Facts 3: the adult Yorkie

The texture, quality and color of coat will determine the value of an adult Yorkie. The precious one has the silky, straight, fine and glossy coat. Check facts about French bulldog here.

Yorkie Facts 4: hypoallergenic coat

The hypoallergenic coat of a Yorkie is characterized by the presence of silky, straight and fine coat.

Yorkie Image

Yorkie Image

Yorkie Facts 5: shedding

When you brush and bath it, it will only lose a small amount of hairs.  The level of shedding is relatively lower than that of other dogs.

Yorkie Facts 6: the allergic reactions

The allergic reaction is not caused by the hair. The saliva and dander of a Yorkie might trigger allergies.

Yorkie Images

Yorkie Images

Yorkie Facts 7: the breed standard

The breed standard for a Yorkie has a tan coat with a blue saddle. However the particolor coat occurs. It usually has the blue or tan saddle with white coat. The recessive Piebald-gene is the cause of the white color. Four selections are available for a Yorkie. They may have blue and gold, blue and tan, black and gold, and black and tan according to the registration form of AKC.

Yorkie Facts 8: the particolor Yorkie

The price of a Yorkie with particolor is very expensive for it is rare to occur. Get facts about African wild dog here.

Yorkie Pictures

Yorkie Pictures

Yorkie Facts 9: the final color

The final color of a Yorkie will be achieved when the dog reaches three or more years.

Yorkie Facts 10: how to maintain the coat

Do you know how to maintain the coat of a Yorkie?  You can trim the fur at the floor length to give the dog an easy movement.  Use coat oil if you want to prevent any breakage on the coat.

Facts about Yorkie

Facts about Yorkie

Are you well informed after reading facts about Yorkie?

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