10 Interesting Bearded Dragon Facts

Saturday, September 21st 2013. | Animals

Bearded dragon facts present the information about the unique lizard. The animal has the scientific name of Pogona Vitticeps. It comes in medium size. It has the length around 12 until 24 inches. It is measured from the head to the tail. This animal is unique for it comes in various colors. You can see breaded dragon blends well with the color of the natural environment. Here are some facts to know more about bearded dragon:

Bearded Dragon Facts 1: Body

Look the body of bearded dragon closely. You can see that the tail is measured a half scale from the body. It has four legs. The body is muscular with a row of spikes. When the animal feels threatened, the tail will never fall off.

Bearded Dragon Facts 2: Head

The shape for bearded dragon’s head is triangular. It has row of spikes. It resembles the look of beard. That’s why this animal is called as bearded dragon. When breeding, the animal can turn the color of the body into dark look.

Bearded Dragon Facts

Bearded Dragon Facts

Bearded Dragon Facts 3: Habitat

Finding the bearded dragon is very easy to do. You just have to go to Australia. They like living in southeastern area of Austrasia. They can be found in the desert, savannah and woodland. Read American alligator facts here.

Bearded Dragon Facts 4: Pet Store

The popularity of the animal keeps increasing. You can find the bearded dragon in many pet stores in US. It was introduced in the country since 1900.

Bearded Dragon with Spikes

Bearded Dragon with Spikes

Bearded Dragon Facts 5: Pogona Vitticeps

Pogona Vitticeps is considered as the most common bearded dragon that you can see on earth. It has the length around 24 inches.

Bearded Dragon Facts 6: Species for Bearded Dragons

There are some species of bearded dragon. Those are Pogona Minor Mitchelli, Pogona Minor Minima, Pogona Microlepidota, Pogona Vitticeps, and Pogona Nullabor. Crocodile facts are seen here.

Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon Facts 7: Environmental Condition

If you want to have a healthy bearded dragon at home, ensure that you can provide great environmental cage. If the cage is too small, you will have a small bearded dragon. The cage make it cannot grow in full size.

Bearded Dragon Facts 8: Size of Male and Female Bearded Dragons

Just like another other animals, you can find that the male bearded dragon can grow larger than the female counterpart.

Eastern Bearded Dragon

Eastern Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon Facts 9: Life Span

The bearded dragons living in the captivity only can last for 12 to 14 years old. If the bearded dragons live in a wild area, they can live more than 14 years.

Bearded Dragon Facts 10: Color

When the bearded dragons feel threatened, they won’t bite you. What they will do is changing the body color, putting off the throats and freezing.

Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons

If you want a cute animal with unique feature as a pet, it seems that a bearded dragon is the best selection. You can look after it well by giving nutrition food that you can buy on animal stores. Are you interested to read all facts about bearded dragons?

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