10 Interesting Rottweiler Facts

Monday, April 6th 2015. | Animals

Rottweiler Facts tell you about the large sized breed of dog. In the past, this dog was used to pull carts or even herd the livestock. It was famous as “Rottweiler butchers’ dogs. In German, people call Rottweiler as Rottweiler Metzgerhund. The traditional roles of Rottweiler ended after people established the railways. There is no need for this dog to herd the livestock again to the market. Find out more interesting facts about Rottweiler below:

Rottweiler Facts 1: the roles of Rottweiler today

Even though Rottweiler is not used anymore to hold the livestock or even pull cart, it can guide the blind people. The dog is also used as police dogs, guard dogs and rescue dogs.

Rottweiler Facts 2: American Kennel Club

American Kennel Club officially recognized Rottweiler in 1931. Then the dog was exhibited at Crufts in Britain in 1936.  The dog was ranked at 9th most popular pure breed in US by the American Kennel Club in 2013. Get facts about prairie dogs here.



Rottweiler Facts 3: the characteristics

Can you mention the characteristics of Rottweiler? It is always associated with proportionality, endurance, balance, strength and intelligence.

Rottweiler Facts 4: the head of Rottweiler

Let’s find out the head of Rottweiler. It has broad skill between the ears. It comes in medium length. The nose of Rottweiler is always black. It has large nostril and broad shaped nose. Check dog facts here.

Rottweiler Pic

Rottweiler Pic

Rottweiler Facts 5: the neck

The neck of Rottweiler is free from throatiness. It has clean, arched, well muscle and strong neck. Moreover, it has the deep, broad and roomy chest.

Rottweiler Facts 6: the coat of Rottweiler

Rottweiler has two coats. They are the undercoat and outer coat. The undercoat can be seen on the thighs and neck. The outer coat is dense and coarse.

Rottweiler Facts

Rottweiler Facts

Rottweiler Facts 7: the climate

The climate affects the coat of Rottweiler. It will miss the undercoat if it lives in hot climate. It is caused by acclimatized act.

Rottweiler Facts 8: size

Let’s find out the size of Rottweiler. It has medium to large size. When it stands, it has the height at 24 to 27 inches or 61 to 69 inches.

Rottweiler Dog

Rottweiler Dog

Rottweiler Facts 9: the weight

The female Rottweiler has the weight around 77 till 105 lbs, while the male Rottweiler has 110 to 132 lbs for the weight.

Rottweiler Facts 10: temperament

What about the temperament of Rottweiler? This animal is good natured. It is eager to work and obedient to the masters.

Rottweiler Body

Rottweiler Body

Are you impressed after reading facts about Rottweiler?