10 Interesting Cat Facts

Saturday, June 1st 2013. | Animals

Your kids will love to hear your story about the cat facts. But some parents do not know much about cats. You need to find much information about cats if you want to tell the right and true facts. There are many questions that you need to answer about the vision, color, habit and behavior. Thus, let’s read the following explanation about cat facts below:

Cat Facts 1: Warm or Cold food?

When you like to give your cats food, you do not need to serve them with cold or even warm food. You can cook it in the right temperature to make your cats love their food well.

Cat Facts 2: Individuality

Every cat can be differentiated based on their nose pad. There is no cat having similar nose pad just like our finger prints.

Cat Facts

Cat Facts

Cat Facts 3: Kindle and Clowder

You need to tell kids about the name of cats. If they want to refer a group of adult cats, they just have to say it clowder. A kindle is to refer a group of kittens. In kitten facts, you can learn the behavior and unique features.

Cat Facts 4: Ambidexer Cat?

Now you can consider the cats based on the ambixeder feature. The animals can use both pawns when they want to operate a can opener. However, we can say that more than 40 percent of cats can use their right or left paws.

Beautiful Cat

Beautiful Cat

Cat Facts 5: Color and Vision

Vision is one of the best features that cats have. When you have colorful living room in yellow, purple and orange, they can see them clearly. There is no need for you to purchase any night vision Google just to help your cats get a better vision for the animals just need 1/6 light to see in the dark night.

Cat Facts 6: Meow

The sound meow is also characterized to cats. This sound is used to communicate with human being for most cats live in captivity. The sound can mean happy, scared or even when they want to ask for a dinner to the master. Cat is considered as the enemy of a dog. Read puppy facts to know their behavior.

Cute Cats

Cute Cats

Cat Facts 7: Cat’s Door

It is stated that Sir Isaac Newton is the person who had invented the cat’s door. This man was very concerned when his cat always wanted to go outside and came inside.  It really bothered his works.

Cat Facts 8: When Cats Fall?

When a cats fall down what they will do is similar from one cat to other. They begin to rotate the head before twisting the spine. But make sure that you will never ask your cat do it for it is too dangerous for them.

Funny Cat Facts

Funny Cat Facts

Cat Facts 9: Baby Machines

A cat is considered as baby machine. It is good if you can take one cat only at home. A female and male cat can generate 420,000 off spring in 7 years.

Cat Facts 10: Mood

Cat is a creative and wonderful animal. This sensitive animal can feel your mood. If you angry at home, it can feel through the high pitch of your voice.

Nice Cat

Nice Cat

Now you can give your children the information about their beloved cats. This wonderful animal should be treated well if you love them much. Your children will love to hear the facts about cat from your soon.