10 Interesting XBOX 360 Facts

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XBOX 360 Facts will be discussed in the following post. In the beginning 2003, the development of Xbox 360 was released. J Allard was the vice president of Microsoft who became the head of this Xenon software platform. The company tried to find the support for the new system by gathering 400 developers in Bellevue, Washington in an event. The former president of Sega of America also decided to join the company. He was Peter Moore. Why don’t you look at the complete post below for details about Xbox 360?

XBOX 360 Facts 1: the release

On 22nd November 2005, Xbox 360 was released in the US and Canada. In Europe, it was released on 2nd December 2005. In Japan, it was launched on 10th December 2005.

XBOX 360 Facts 2: the next launches

Xbox 360 was also released in other countries in the world such as Singapore, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, South Africa, New Zealand, Russia and India. Check facts about video games here.

Facts about XBOX 360

Facts about XBOX 360

XBOX 360 Facts 3: the first year

During the first year, Xbox 360 was released in 36 nations. This console tried to dominate the world.

XBOX 360 Facts 4: the reception

Do you know the reception of Xbox 360? It was called as the sixth greatest video game console of all time according to IGN in 2009.

XBOX 360 Facts

XBOX 360 Facts

XBOX 360 Facts 5: the influential console game

Xbox 360 was called as the influential console game by TechRadar even though it was not commercially successful.

XBOX 360 Facts 6: the sales in United States

As of 31st March 2011, Xbox 360 had been sold around 25.4 million. As of 17th June 2011, the sales reached 1.5 million in Japan.

XBOX 360 Pic

XBOX 360 Pic

XBOX 360 Facts 7: the beginning of production

Xbox 360 was only produced in a short period.  Microsoft only needed 69 days to produce it. During the first week of its release, it was on sale on eBay.

XBOX 360 Facts 8: the Wii

The Wii was the new game console, which surpassed the popularity of Xbox 360 in United States in June 2008. Look at facts about Waluigi here.

XBOX 360 Pictures

XBOX 360 Pictures

XBOX 360 Facts 9: the sales in Europe

As of 20th November 2008, Xbox 360 had been sold 7 million units in Europe based on the report from Microsoft.

XBOX 360 Facts 10: the sales in United Kingdom

GfK Chart-Track reported that the sales of Xbox 360 reached 3.9 million units in United Kingdom as of 27th June 2009.

XBOX 360

XBOX 360

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