10 Interesting the Beatles Facts

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The notable English rock band is explained on The Beatles Facts. In 1960, the band was established in Liverpool. The original members of the Beatles include Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and John Lennon. During the rock era, the Beatles is considered as an influential band. The music of this band was originated from 1950s rock and roll, beat and skiffle. But the band tried to experiment with other genres. Here are some interesting facts about the Beatles:

The Beatles Facts 1: the experimental music

Some genres experimented by the Beatles were Indian music, hard rock, psychedelia, pop ballads, or even classical genre.

The Beatles Facts 2: the songwriters

Lennon and McCartney were considered as the main songwriters in The Beatles. Beatlemania appeared because of its huge popularity in the beginning of 1960s. Find facts about the bassoon here.

The Beatles

The Beatles

The Beatles Facts 3: the reputation

For more than three years, The Beatles gained reputation as a band that played in various clubs in Hamburg and Liverpool.

The Beatles Facts 4: the first hit

The first hit of the Beatles was released in the end of 1962. The title is “Love Me Do”. The Beatles earned enormous popularity in United Kingdom. Get facts about rock music here.

The Beatles on Stage

The Beatles on Stage

The Beatles Facts 5: the nickname

The Fab Four was the nickname earned by the Beatles. Due to the growth of Beatlemania, The Beatles earned huge popularity in Britain.

The Beatles Facts 6: an international star

The Beatles became an international star in the beginning of 1964. The United States pop market was broken by the Beatles.

The Beatles Members

The Beatles Members

The Beatles Facts 7: the influential albums

Some of the influential albums released by The Beatles included Abbey Road (1969), Revolver (1966), Rubber Soul (1965), The Beatles (1968) and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967).

The Beatles Facts 8: the breakup

The Beatles decided to break up in 1970. The surviving members of the band are Starr and McCartney. Both are active in music.

The Beatles Image

The Beatles Image

The Beatles Facts 9: John Lennon

In 1980s, there was a socking tragedy which happened to the member of the Beatles, John Lennon. He was shot and killed. In November 2001, Harrison passed away because of lung cancer.

The Beatles Facts 10: the best selling music artist

One of the best selling music artists in United States is the Beatles based on RIAA. The band sells 178 million certified units. The band collected an Academy Award and 10 Grammy Awards.

The Beatles Facts

The Beatles Facts

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