10 Interesting the Circus Facts

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One of the interesting performances in the world is discussed on The Circus Facts. People like to watch circus for they can enjoy the performance of unicyclists, tightrope walkers, hoopers, musicians, trained animals, clowns, trapeze acts, and many more. The credit of the father of modern circus is taken by Philip Astley. In 1768, Astley opened the first circus in England.

The Circus Facts 1: the original type of circus

If you look at the history of circus, the original stunt was only the performance of equestrian skill. It was connected with the horsemanship performance.

The Circus Facts 2: the development of circus

50 years after the original performance of circus, it developed significantly. The horsemanship was no longer used as the main menu. It focused more on the bigger scale of theatrical battle.

The Circus Image

The Circus Image

The Circus Facts 3: circus in 19th century

In the latter part of 19th century, the circus performance was incorporated with traditional music. The performance was also choreographed.

The Circus Facts 4: Astley

The circus performance was totally different in Astley.  The performance was conducted in different types of venues.  The open structures with limited covered seating were used during the earliest modern era.  Then the performers used the bespoke circus building with a center ring, stage and seating in 18th and 19th century.

The Circus Performance

The Circus Performance

The Circus Facts 5: the contemporary circus

In 1980s, the contemporary circus was introduced in the public. It focused more on the human skills to show the audiences stunning and breathtaking performance on stage.

The Circus Facts 6: Thomas Taplin Cooke

Thomas Taplin Cooke went to United Stated and brought a circus tent in 1838 from Britain. Cooke was a famous equestrian.

The Circus Pic

The Circus Pic

The Circus Facts 7: the acrobatic performance

The acrobatic performance was more emphasized in the modern circus. It was daring, full of strength and skill. The expensive machinery was often used by the performers during the show. Check facts about Second Life here.

The Circus Facts 8: Russian circuses

The Russian circuses were nationalized by USSR. The head of the USSR was Lenin. He wished that circus would have similar status with ballet, opera and theater.

Facts about The Circus

Facts about The Circus

The Circus Facts 9: a school for circus

Moscow Circus School was the common name of State University of Circus and Variety Arts. It was formed in 1927. The main purpose was to train the prospective circus performer using the methods of Soviet gymnastics program. Get facts about rock music here.

The Circus Facts 10: the award

The first of many international awards for the circus performers was International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo. Since 1974, the award function was conducted in Monte Carlo.

The Circus Facts

The Circus Facts

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