10 Interesting Playing Card Facts

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Playing Card Facts present the interesting ideas about one of the most popular games in the world. Many people will love to go to Las Vegas and train their skill to make fortune. You can perform simple card tricks to make you win. Let me show you the surprising facts about playing cards in the following post below:

Playing Card Facts 1: the origin of playing card

If you think that playing card is from western countries, you are wrong. Actually it was originated from China in 12th century. It was the time when paper was firstly invented in the country.

Playing Card Facts 2: colors and suits

There are four suits on the card; each of them presents the season.  The color of the card is in red and black. The red used to present the daylight while black is used to present the nighttime.

Playing Card Colors

Playing Card Colors

Playing Card Facts 3: the number of cards

Let’s find out the number of cards on each suit. You can get 13 cards for each suit. It is used to present the number of the lunar months in one year.

Playing Card Facts 4: the court cards

What about the number of the court cards? It has 12 court cards. It is used to represent the calendar month each year.

Playing Card Facts

Playing Card Facts

Playing Card Facts 5: Jack of Clubs

You can find Jack of Clubs when you play cards. It actually is used to symbolize Sir Lancelot.

Playing Card Facts 6: Queen of Spades

What about the queen of Spades? It is used to represent Greek goddess of War, Athena.

Playing Card Pic

Playing Card Pic

Playing Card Facts 7: King Charlemagne

King Charlemagne was presented as King of Hearts on card. Who is he actually? He was a first holy Roman emperor. This king was born in 742.

Playing Card Facts 8: other kings

There are many other kings that you can find on the cards. You can find King Diamonds who represent Julius Caesar. Alexander the Great is presented as the King of Clubs. King David of Israel is represented as the King of Spades. Get King David facts here.

Playing Card

Playing Card

Playing Card Facts 9: United States Playing Card Company

United States Playing Card Company is called as the largest producer of playing cars in the world. It is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Playing Card Facts 10: the production of playing card in USPC

Every year the company produces 100,000,000 decks of cards. Some brands of cards that the company has include Bicycle, Aviator, Aristocrat, and Bee cards.

Playing Cards

Playing Cards

Are you impressed with facts about playing card?

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