10 Interesting Windmill Facts

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Windmill Facts will inform us with a type of mill, which will produce the rotational energy from the conversion of wind energy. The windmill features blades or sails for the conversion of the energy. The primary functions of windmill in the past were for pumping water and milling the grain. They were created in the forms of windpumps or gristmills. Why don’t you look at the whole post about windmill below?

Windmill Facts 1: the function of modern windmills

The primary function of modern windmills today is used to produce electricity. Other people employ it for pumping water.

Windmill Facts 2: the earliest known windmill

The earliest known form of windmill was created by Heron of Alexandria. He was a Greek engineer. He used the wheel powered by the wind in a machine.

Windmill Facts

Windmill Facts

Windmill Facts 3: the prayer wheel

Since 4th century, China and Tibet have employed the use of prayer wheel. It is driven by the wind. Check facts about wind here.

Windmill Facts 4: Hammurabi

Hammurabi was the famous emperor of Babylonian emperor claimed to have a special irrigation project by applying wind power.

Windmill Image

Windmill Image

Windmill Facts 5: the invention

Estakhri was the Persian geographer who recorded the invention of the panemone windmills in eastern Persia in 9th century according to Ahmad Y. al-Hassan.

Windmill Facts 6: the design of windmills

The design of windmills of the second caliph Umar was very different from the European vertical windmills. The former one had cloth material or reed matting with 12 sails.

Windmill Pictures

Windmill Pictures

Windmill Facts 7: the use of windmills in the past

Middle East and Central Asia highly used windmills. Then China and India began to use it. In 13th century, China applied a horizontal windmill with rectangular blades. They were used for irrigation.

Windmill Facts 8: windmills in Europe

In 18th and 19th centuries, the European people began to construct the horizontal windmills. The famous examples of windmills included Hooper’s Mill at Margate in Kent and Fowler’s Mill at Battersea in London.   Look at facts about wind turbines here.



Windmill Facts 9: popularity of windmill

In Europe, windmill was popular in 14th century. In 1850, the number of windmills in Europe was at its peak. It had at least 200,000 wind-powered mills.

Windmill Facts 10: the application of windmills in the past

In the past, windmills were constructed in the areas with less water. The decline use of windmills took place during the industrial revolution. The internal combustion engine and steam mills were more popular.

Facts about Windmill

Facts about Windmill

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