10 Interesting Cyber Bullying Facts

Tuesday, September 3rd 2013. | Technology

Cyber bullying facts inform you with the condition of the young people. They use technology such as computer and cell phone to threaten and embarrass other people. This activity is common to see in young people even though there are some older people face it. Let’s find out the complete facts in the post below:

Cyber Bullying Facts 1: Real-Life Bullying Comparison

You can compare the cyber building and real life bullying. Both are similar in term of impact. The bullied people will face the emotional and psychological impact. In the meantime, the cyber bullying will never come to an end because it threatens you anytime. The real life bullying happens only when the school ends.

Cyber Bullying Facts 2: Bullying and Kids

1 from 4 kids tells that the cyber bullying happens more than once. More than 43 percent confess that they have been bullied online.

Cyber Bullying among Teens

Cyber Bullying among Teens

Cyber Bullying Facts 3: Cell Phone

The most common cyber bullying occurs on cell phone as the medium. It is due to the fact that more than 80 percent teenagers have a cell phone.

Cyber Bullying Facts 4: Serious Problem

You are wrong if you think that cyber bullying is not a serious problem. More than 68 percent teens consider it as serious and severe problem. It has to be solved. Look at depression facts to know the impact for this bullying.

Cyber Bullying By Phone

Cyber Bullying By Phone

Cyber Bullying Facts 5: What to Do

There are two main solutions that teens do when they are bullied online by someone that they do not know. More than 84 percent teens tell the cyber bullies to stop spending them threatened message, while 90 percent of them ignore the bullies.

Cyber Bullying Facts 6: Online Bullying

81 percent young teenagers agree that bullying in person is much more difficult to do. Thus, they prefer to bully people online. It is easy for them to get away. Look computer facts to find out more info about it.

Cyber Bullying Facts

Cyber Bullying Facts

Cyber Bullying Facts 7: Frequent Bullying Online

The frequent bullying online is always seen by students. At least 70 percent of them have reported it.

Cyber Bullying Facts 8: Victim

Even though cyber bulling is a very serious condition, only 1 from 10 young students tells their trusted adults or parents about it.

Cyber Bullying on FB

Cyber Bullying on FB

Cyber Bullying Facts 9: Hurtful Things

What the bullies do to make kids feel threatened is by saying the hurtful and mean things to them. This condition sometimes happens more than once.

Cyber Bullying Facts 10: Suicide

Cyber bullying influences the emotion and psychology of young kids. They risk of suicide is 2 up to 9 times higher compared to those who never face any bullies.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying

The risk for girls to be bullied is bigger compared to men when it comes about cyber bullying. It is stated that more than 75 percent students have visited the website used to bully another student. Do you have any more information to add on facts about cyber bullying?

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