10 Interesting Python Programming Facts

Tuesday, December 23rd 2014. | Technology

If you want to know one of the developments in technology, you have to check Python Programming Facts. This programming language has a unique name. You must associate it with the longest snake of python. Let’s see whether you have the right verdict for the programming language or not by seeing the following post below:

Python Programming Facts 1: the creator

Let’ find out the creator of python programming language.  In 1991, Guido Van Rossum made this programming language.

Python Programming Facts 2: the name

Why is it called python programming language? It is due to the fact that the creator, Guido Van Rossum really liked “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”. Actually it was a popular comedy in 1970s.

Python Programming Computer

Python Programming Computer

Python Programming Facts 3: C++

C++ is the important class syntax in this programming language. It was used to describe the cell contained entities. You can call them objects.

Python Programming Facts 4: why did he create python programming language?

Guido decided to create python programming language after he realized that the ABC language had lack of features. Therefore, he made python programming language and picked the important features from Modula-3 and ABC.

Python Programming Facts

Python Programming Facts

Python Programming Facts 5: regular expression

The languages of technology which feature the strong support for regular expression include Ruby, Perl and Python programming languages.

Python Programming Facts 6: benefits

Can you guess the benefits of using python programming language? People can use this language since it is very easy to learn. It has easy syntax and is fitted for the experts.

Python Programming Image

Python Programming Image

Python Programming Facts 7: the shortcoming

What about the shortcoming of python programming language? This language is not good for those who like to work with fast speed because it has basic memory model and uses an interpreter.

Python Programming Facts 8: open source software community

Those who called themselves as opensource software community pick python programming language as one of the important languages. Other languages include Tcl, Lua, Ruby and Perl. Find out more facts about computer here.

Python Programming Pic

Python Programming Pic

Python Programming Facts 9: Jython

Jython is the java implementation of python programming language. But some people often call it as JPython. Actually the most popular one is the C implementation of Python. You can call it CPython or Python.

Python Programming Facts 10: features

There are many features that you can get in python programming languages such as the procedural styles, functional programming, and objected oriented programming.

Python Programming

Python Programming

Do you have anything to say on facts about python programming?

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