10 Interesting Wind Facts

Monday, May 15th 2017. | Science

Wind Facts talk about the flow of gases. A number of factors are used to classify winds. They include the effect of winds, regions, types of forces, speed, and spatial scale of winds.  The bulk movement of air is spotted on the earth’s surface. The planets in the solar system, which have high level of wind movement, are Saturn and Neptune. The aspects, which determine the winds, include wind energy, density of gases and wind speed or velocity. Here are other interesting facts about wind below:

Wind Facts 1: gust

The term gust is used to define the short burst of wind, which travels in high speed.

Wind Facts 2: the wind in meteorology

The direction of the blowing wind and strength of wind will determine the type of winds in meteorology.

Wind and Flight

Wind and Flight

Wind Facts 3: squall

Another term related to wind is squall. It is used to define the strong wind, which takes place around one minute. The duration of this strong wind is intermediate.

Wind Facts 4: he long-duration winds

The long duration winds have a number of names. The hurricane, storm, gale and breeze are types of winds determined according to the average strength. Check facts about wind energy here.

Wind Facts

Wind Facts

Wind Facts 5: the duration

The duration of winds is varied depending on the scales. The differences of solar energy absorption will lead into the global wind.

Wind Facts 6: the atmospheric circulation

The coriolis effect caused by the planet rotation and differential heating of the poles and equator are the primary causes of the high level of atmosphere circulation.

Wind Image

Wind Image

Wind Facts 7: the monsoon circulation

The monsoon circulation may be driven on the high plateaus and terrain by the thermal low circulation in the tropics.

Wind Facts 8: human civilization

Wind plays an important role in the human civilization. It becomes the source of power for recreation, electricity and mechanical work. Moreover, it has affected the historical events and inspired the myths in various cultures. Look at facts about tropical dry forest here.



Wind Facts 9: the sailing ships

Over the course of history, the sailing ships have been powered by winds. When people want to take a short trip, they can use the hot air balloons.

Wind Facts 10: the strong winds

Even though wind is beneficial, it can be harmful too. It may destroy the houses, buildings, trees and other structures if the wind grows stronger.

Wind Pic

Wind Pic

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