10 Interesting Windows 10 Facts

Thursday, May 18th 2017. | Technology

You will be informed with an operating system used in a personal computer on Windows 10 facts. It is a member of Windows NT family. Microsoft is the developer of Windows 10. The new operating system was briefly demonstrated at Build 2014. In September 2014, Windows 10 was officially revealed. Let us find out other interesting facts about Windows 10 below:

Windows 10 Facts 1:  the first version

The public beta testing process of the first version of Windows 10 took place in October. On 29th July 2015, the consumer releases for the operating system took place.

Windows 10 Facts 2: the feature updates

The feature updates are available on Windows 10. It gives the users mainstream support for five years and security patches.

Windows 10 Facts

Windows 10 Facts

Windows 10 Facts 3: universal apps

Microsoft dubbed Window 10 as their universal apps for the users could run this operating system in many product families from the companies such as Xbox One, smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Windows 10 Facts 4:  the impressive features

The impressive features found in Windows 10 include face recognition login, fingerprint support, Microsoft Edge web browser, and Task View.  Get Facts about the World Wide Web here.

Windows 10 Pic

Windows 10 Pic

Windows 10 Facts 5: the original release

In July 2015, Windows 10 had its original release. It earns positive reviews due to the impressive desktop-oriented interface and Xbox Live integration. In this new version, Microsoft Edge is used to replace Internet Explorer.

Windows 10 Facts 6: the criticism

Even though Windows 10 is praised with its new features, criticism still occurs. Microsoft applied the adware-like tactics for the promotion of this new operating system. Moreover, the people also criticize the privacy concerns and regular update installation. Look at facts about iPhone 6 here.

Windows 10

Windows 10

Windows 10 Facts 7: the active devices

The active devices, which apply Windows 10, as their operating system are around 400 million. The traditional PCs, which use Windows 10, are around 27.72 percent. Other platforms account for 12.53 percent.

Windows 10 Facts 8: Microsoft Edge

One of the primary features discussed in the world of technology after its first release is the presence of Microsoft Edge. It is the new default web browser introduced by Microsoft in this operating system.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 Facts 9: Internet Explorer 11

Due to the compatibility goal, Internet Explorer 11 is still available in Windows 10. However, Microsoft will not actively develop explorer for most users are interested to use Edge.

Windows 10 Facts 10: Cortana

Cortana has been introduced for the first time in 2014 in Windows Phone 8. It becomes one of the impressive features in Windows 10.

Facts about Windows 10

Facts about Windows 10

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