10 Interesting Cell Phones Facts

Thursday, November 28th 2013. | Technology

Cell Phones facts may help any people in how to understand better about their gadget which they usually use daily to support their communication. In this case, what you need to realize the most is about in how to read some facts about cell phones below.

Cell Phones Facts 1: nokia 1100

First fact about cell phone is related about certain mobile phone manufacturer such as Nokia. You need to know that it is more than 250 million of Nokia 1100 sold on the marketplace which has made it to become one of the most bestselling gadget within history.

Cell Phones Facts 2: $4,000

In United States, you may recognize that the first mobile phones sold in 1983 had the price of $4,000 for each device. People may consider it to be so much interesting fact I bet. Do you know already about it?

Cell Phone

Cell Phone

Cell Phones Facts 3: iPhone

Apple manufacturer indeed has become so much popular among modern country indeed. What you should know is about the fact that Apple Company has sold their iphone product for about 340,000 item daily.

Cell Phones Facts 4: bacteria

If you consider that toilet handle may become the dirtiest and the place having most bacteria, you are wrong. The fact is that your cell phone may become the one containing the most bacteria which may affect to your health actually. Even it is 18 times more bacteria within the handles.

Cell Phones facts

Cell Phones facts

Cell Phones Facts 5: waterproof

You may find out that mostly or about 90% of mobile phone within Japan is waterproof. It is because any youngsters in Japan may use their mobile phone while they conduct showering. Therefore, I want to recommend for any of you to get the waterproof cell phone as well.

Cell Phones Facts 6: radiation

The usage of cell phone indeed has its effect to the health. The fact is that you may recognize in how cell phone may cause radiation which may affect to your health and lead into insomnia, confusion, even headache.

Cell Phones facts

Cell Phones facts

Cell Phones Facts 7: urine charging

As the time goes by, you may recognize about the fact that there have been many scientists who have developed the technology in how to charge the mobile phone by taking benefit from urine.

Cell Phones Facts 8:  Martin Cooper

Some people indeed have already recognized about Martin Cooper. He actually was the former inventor of Motorolla. The fact is that he also has invented the first mobile phone.

Smart Phones

Smart Phones

Cell Phones Facts 9: iphone sales

If it is about iphone, you may recognize that it has the higher amount of sales compared to any Microsoft products may offer.

Cell Phones Facts 10: mobile phone globally

Another fact is that any people around the world may have taken benefit from mobile phone to support their activities. This may become so much recognizable indeed.

Cell Phones Flip

Cell Phones Flip

Any modern people should learn the facts about Cell Phones if they want to notice in how they can take benefit from such information to help them with the way to understand better about cell phone.

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