10 Interesting Wind Turbine Facts

Tuesday, May 16th 2017. | Technology

Wind Turbine Facts impress the readers with a tool or device for converting the kinetic energy of wind into electrical power. There are two major types of axis types in wind turbines. You may choose the horizontal or vertical axis.  The electricity produced from the turbine will be used to power the warning signs, caravans, boats and battery charging. Let us get other useful facts about wind turbine to notice:

Wind Turbine Facts 1: the larger turbines

The larger turbines will be manufactured for domestic power supply. The excess of energy can be stored for later usage.

Wind Turbine Facts 2: the importance of wind energy

Today, wind energy is very important for the people. The wind farms may produce renewable energy. Many countries in the world begin to install the wind turbines in the farms to decrease the usage of fossil fuels.

Facts about Wind Turbine

Facts about Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine Facts 3: the rotation

The rotation of the wind turbines is available in two options. Both are the vertical and horizontal axis. The prevalent one is the horizontal axis. It is also known as the older version than the vertical rotation.

Wind Turbine Facts 4: the vertical axis

The less prevalent version of wind turbines is the vertical ones. It produces less amount of power. Get facts about wind energy here.

Wind Turbine facts

Wind Turbine facts

Wind Turbine Facts 5: other designs

The people who are interested to install wind turbines may choose the ones with blades or not.

Wind Turbine Facts 6: the component in horizontal axis wind turbines

Can you mention the components found in the wind turbines with horizontal axis? They have the brake assembly, rotor shaft and gearbox. The electrical generator and main roof shaft are installed on the HAWT to horizontal-axis wind turbines. Both are located at the tower top.

Wind Turbine Pic

Wind Turbine Pic

Wind Turbine Facts 7: the small and large turbines

The primary components, which can be found on the large turbines, include a servo motor and a wind sensor. A simple wind vane is installed in small turbines.

Wind Turbine Facts 8: the commercial production

The three bladed wind turbines are mostly used for the commercial production of electricity. Look at facts about wind here.

Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine Facts 9: the color of wind blades

The white color is mostly found in the blades of wind turbines so that aircraft may spot it in the range of 66 to 262 feet.

Wind Turbine Facts 10: the rotation of the blades

The blade rotation of wind turbines is around 10-20 rpm.

Wind Turbine Image

Wind Turbine Image

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