10 Interesting Robot Facts

Thursday, March 19th 2015. | Technology

If you want to know more about the mechanical or virtual artificial agent, look at Robot Facts. The electronic circuit or a computer program is used to guide this electro mechanical machine. The robots are divided in two types. You can check out the semi autonomous or the autonomous one.  The examples of the famous robots in the world are TOPIO or TOSY’s TOSY Ping Pong Playing Robot and ASIMO or Honda’s Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. Here are other facts about robot for you:

Robot Facts 1: the intelligence

Robot is very unique since it can present the intelligent sense. It can replicate the automatic movement or a lifelike appearance.

Robot Facts 2: robotics

Robotics is the branch of technology dealing with operation, construction, design and application and robots. It also involves with the application of computer system used to process the information, sensory feedback and control in the robots.


Robot Fact

Robot Fact

Robot Facts 3: the automated machine

Robots contain the automated machine. It presents the cognition, behavior and appearance of human being. Get facts about python programming language here.

Robot Facts 4: the new inspiration

The scientists get the new inspiration to create robots from the nature. It allows them to give contribution in bio inspired robot. The soft robotics becomes the new branch for this inspiration.

Robot Facts

Robot Facts

Robot Facts 5: the robots in ancient civilization

If you think that only modern people who know about robots, you are wrong. There were many accounts of the ancient civilized people who had known the user configurable automated devices. They were designed to resemble the look of animals and humans. The main propose of the design was for entertainment.

Robot Facts 6: the practical application

The robots in the industrial age were equipped with practical application. You can control the mechanical devices by using the wireless remote control, remote control and automated machine.

Robot Pic

Robot Pic

Robot Facts 7: the usage of the word robot

Let’s find out the first usage of the word robot. Karel Capek, the Czech writer used the word robot in a 1921 play to refer the functional humanoid. Find out another technology in facts about radio here.

Robot Facts 8: William Grey Walter

William Grey Walter created the first electronic autonomous robot in 1948 in Bristol, England.

Robot Steel

Robot Steel

Robot Facts 9: George Devol

George Devol was the inventor of the first digital and programmable robot. He called it Unimate.

Robot Facts 10: General Motors

General Motors bought Unimate in 1961. The company used this robot to lift pieces of hot metals.



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