10 Interesting Mining Facts

Friday, August 1st 2014. | Technology

Mining Facts elaborate the ideas about the abundant metal that you can find on earth crust. When you want to get the metal or mineral, you need to have a mining process. There are many kinds of mines that you can find on earth. It can be used to mine diamond, coal, or even gold. Let’s find out more facts about mining below:

Mining Facts 1: aluminum

One of the most abundant metals on earth is aluminum. You can get this metal from Brazil, Guinea, Jamaican and Guyana. The main usage of aluminum is for machinery, packaging, automobiles and construction. Find out aluminum facts here.

Mining Facts 2: diamond

Diamond is the hardest mineral on earth. This precious mineral is sold in high price. There are a lot of mines of diamond in Africa. Many local people work in mining industries to get diamond for living.

Mining Facts

Mining Facts

Mining Facts 3: barium

Another metal to find on earth is barium. The main usage of barium is for sparkplug in alloys, deoxidizer for copper and white pigment production.

Mining Facts 4: Beryllium

Beryllium has a lot of functions. The X-ray tubes and fluorescent lamps are created from beryllium salt.  It also comes in the form of gemstones of aquamarine or emerald. It is called as a beryl. People use it in telecommunication products and computers.

Mining Images

Mining Images

Mining Facts 5: copper

Copper can be found abundant in US. The mines in US are located in Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona.  In 2012, US contributed 35 percent of the world production of copper.

Mining Facts 6: gold

Gold is a precious metal in the world. It is mainly used to create arts and jewelry. You can use it to make bangles, necklace, ring and earrings.

Mining Industry

Mining Industry

Mining Facts 7: other uses of gold

Actually gold is also important in the scientific world. It can be used to create electronic and scientific instruments. There are several leading producers of gold in the world such as Canada, Russia, United States, Australia, and China.

Mining Facts 8: Iron ore

Another important metal which is important to manufacture steel is iron ore. Some countries contributed a lot for the production of iron ore are Australia, China, Brazil, and Russia.

Mining Pic

Mining Pic

Mining Facts 9: Nickel

The aerospace and chemical industries need nickel for production. This metal is also important to create industrial machinery, household appliances, and electrical equipments. Some countries which produce nickel are Canada, Indonesia, Australia and Philippines.

Mining Facts 10: Coal

Coal is an element created from carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur. More than 70 percent of electricity in China is produced from coal.



Based on the data in 2006, people used 6000,000,000,000 kilograms of coal. Do you want to give opinion on facts about mining?

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