10 Interesting Wikipedia Facts

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Wikipedia Facts inform the readers with the free online encyclopedia. Everyone is allowed to edit the articles on Wikipedia. This site is very popular on the internet for it has been used as a reference source. Do you know that Wikipedia is included in the list of top 10 most popular websites in the world? Wikimedia Foundation is the nonprofit organization, which owns Wikipedia. You will get details about Wikipedia by reading the following post:

Wikipedia Facts 1: launching Wikipedia

Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger launched Wikipedia on 15 January 2001. The term Wikipedia was coined by Sanger.

Wikipedia Facts 2: language

The original articles on Wikipedia are written in English. Due to the popularity, the articles then are translated and written in other popular languages such as French, Germany and Spanish.

Wikipedia Sanger

Wikipedia Sanger

Wikipedia Facts 3: the number of English articles

The English Wikipedia has the largest content with 5,384,540 articles. Get facts about iPad mini here.

Wikipedia Facts 4: the number of articles

The number of articles on Wikipedia includes 4 million articles. They are written in over 250 different languages.

Wikipedia Pictures

Wikipedia Pictures

Wikipedia Facts 5: the visitors and page views

Wikipedia is visited by almost 500 million unique visitors per month. The page view reached 18 billion.

Wikipedia Facts 6: the quality of articles

The articles on Wikipedia are often cited or used as references. The highest quality articles reached 40,000 as of March 2017. They are centered as the vital topics and core topics of Featured Articles and Good Articles. The level of accuracy of the articles is also impressive. There was a peer review conducted by Nature in 2005. The objective was to find out the level of accuracy of Wikipedia by comparing 42 articles from the web with Encyclopædia Britannica.

Wikipedia Jimbo

Wikipedia Jimbo

Wikipedia Facts 7: criticism

Even though the articles on Wikipedia are praised, criticism still occurs. It is centered on the controversial topics and systemic bias.

Wikipedia Facts 8: the policy

The neutral point of view is considered as the policy of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Facts

Wikipedia Facts

Wikipedia Facts 9: articles in 2001

The number of articles on Wikipedia reached 8,000 as of 8 August 2001. Look at facts about Whatsapp here.

Wikipedia Facts 10: SOPA and PIPA

PIPA stands for PROTECT IP Act, while SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act. Both laws were proposed by the US congress where Wikipedia joined the coordinated protests against the proposal of both laws on 18 January 2012.



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