10 Interesting Wind Energy Facts

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One of the important sources of energies in the world is explained on Wind Energy Facts. The electricity will be produced from the generators powered by the airflow through the wind turbines. It provides the people with safer and cleaner energy. The wind is a good alternative for it is renewable and abundant. During the operation of wind energy, it only needs little land. The water is not consumed. Moreover, the greenhouse gas emission is not produced. Let us get other interesting facts about wind energy below:

Wind Energy Facts 1: the peak demand

During the peak demand of electricity, people can use the excess electrical grid power in the reservoir.

Wind Energy Facts 2: the conventional hydroelectricity

The wind power is suitable to complement with the conventional hydroelectricity. The water will be held back if the wind has strong blow.

Wind Energy Pictures

Wind Energy Pictures


Wind Energy Facts 3: the dropped wind

The conventional hydroelectricity will provide the energy when the wind is dropped. Get facts about renewable energy here.

Wind Energy Facts 4: the high-wind periods

During the high-wind periods, the energy can be found by using the thermal energy storage or compressed air energy. When the people need more electricity, the stored energy can be released to meet the demand.

Facts about Wind Energy

Facts about Wind Energy

Wind Energy Facts 5: the wind penetration level

The penetration level of wind will be determined the type of storage to install. The daily storage is needed for the low wind penetration. The short and long-term storage is needed for the high penetration wind level.

Wind Energy Facts 6: the importance of storage

Storage is needed to save the excess of wind energy. Therefore, people still have enough energy to use during the peak demand of electricity.

Wind Energy Pictures

Wind Energy Pictures

Wind Energy Facts 7: the peak wind speed and peak demand

The peak demand for electricity is not always occurred in the same period with the peak wind speed. One example of this situation took place in Texas and California.

Wind Energy Facts 8: the people in Texas and California

The low wind speed takes place in Texas and California during the hot summer months. Thus, the usage of air conditioning increases the electrical demand.

Wind Energy Facts

Wind Energy Facts

Wind Energy Facts 9: wind power in Germany

The capacity of solar and wind energy in Germany exceeds the daily need. In 2012, it exported 14.7 billion kWh for the surplus of energy. Check facts about solar energy here.

Wind Energy Facts 10: the production of wind in US

Due to the production of wind, US were capable to decrease 132 million metric tons of CO2 emissions and avoid the intake of 73 billion gallons of water.

Wind Energy

Wind Energy

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