10 Interesting Wind Power Facts

Tuesday, October 1st 2013. | Technology

The people who want to enjoy another alternative of energy other than fossil fuels should note on wind power facts. Wind power is as powerful as the fossil fuel when it comes about the electricity production. You need to save much fossil fuel if you want the earth free from any pollution and global warming. Here are the fast facts about wind power:

Wind Power Facts 1: Wind Power in US

The production of wind power in US is estimated around 36.5 percent. The number is gained from the wind power produced around 2008 to 2012.

Wind Power Facts 2: Usage for Wind Power

Since 2000 BC the wind mills have been used by people around the world. The first countries developing the wind power are China and Persia. Now wind power is considered as the fastest growing electricity in the world. Find more energy in geothermal energy facts.

Wind Mills

Wind Mills

Wind Power Facts 3: Google

The popularity of wind power is not only seen among countries.  One of the biggest companies in the world, Google also invests the money for about 5 billion dollar to develop a transmission line to increase the wind power production in the east coast for the 1.9 million households.

Wind Power Facts 4: Wind Turbine

A single wind turbine can produce the power to accommodate 500 homes. Get ideas about hydropower facts here.

Wind Power Facts

Wind Power Facts

Wind Power Facts 5:CO2 Emissions

The CO2 emission can be reduced by using wind mild. In 2012, the usage of wind energy can lower the production of 79.9 million metric tons of CO2.

Wind Power Facts 6: Shepherds Flat Wind Project

Shepherds Flat Wind Project is a big project of USA. It is considered as the largest online project which can produce 845 megawatts. The previous record is seen in Roscoe Wind Farm which can produce 781.5 megawatts.

Wind Power Farms

Wind Power Farms

Wind Power Facts 7: Wind in America

The on-shore wind in America is enough to produce the electricity power. It can accommodate the power in the country 10 times bigger.

Wind Power Facts 8: Private Land

More than 95 percent of wind turbines are located in the private land.

Wind Power in China

Wind Power in China

Wind Power Facts 9: Cost of Project

The cost of project for the wind energy is around $25 billion in 2012. Compared to the energy produced in 1990, the 2012 wind project can produce 15 times bigger energy.

Wind Power Facts 10: Bottle of Water

It is estimated that by the end of 2030, there will 30 trillion bottles of water saved by the US wind power.

Wind Power

Wind Power

In Spain, the wind power can cover the 45 percent of electricity production. At the end of 2012, it is estimated that US has more than 890 wind projects with 45,100 wind turbines. What do you think on facts about wind power?

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