10 Interesting Internet Facts

Thursday, April 10th 2014. | Technology

Internet facts provide the interesting information about one of the technologies in the world.  It seems that people’s life now depends on the internet. You can find anything on the internet. You can read about politics, gossips, entertainment and news here. People will love to meet new people via social networking sites such as face book, Twitter and Instagram. Find out more about internet facts below:

Internet Facts 1: internet users

There are at least 1 billion people in the world who become of the internet users. It counts on 20 percent of the world’s population.

Internet Facts 2: surfing session

The surfing session for the people is less than an hour. If you want me to be to be exact, people spend 51 minutes to surf the internet in average.

Internet Browser

Internet Browser

Internet Facts 3: Swedish people

The country with the largest percentage of the internet users is Sweden. There are at least 75 percent of Sweden people who access internet.

Internet Facts 4: Mosaic

Mosaic is the first popular web browser in the world.  It was accessed by the internet users in 1993. However, in 1997, it stopped operating in the internet world.  People now can use different kinds of web browsers such Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox.

Internet facts

Internet facts

Internet Facts 5: usage of internet

The usage of internet is very easy so that people can learn the way to access it. In only five years since its first introduction, internet has gained 50 million users. To get this large number of audiences, TV had to do it for 13 years.

Internet Facts 6: satellite based internet

There is no country in the world which cannot access internet. People can use internet any time they want even though they are in China or North Korea. However, both China and North Korea are still restrictive about the usage of internet.

Internet Komputer

Internet computer

Internet Facts 7: social networking sites

The invention of social networking sites such as Twitter and face book makes people spend at least 10 percent of their time to access it. You can reconnect too many people all over the world.

Internet Facts 8: Asian users

Even though Asia is one of the biggest countries in the world, the access of the people to internet is still low. The percentage of the internet users are 20 percent of the rest population. It means 80 percent of the entire population does not have access to internet.

Internet World

Internet World

Internet Facts 9: dating sites

You can find love by accessing the internet. 19 percent of the couples meet online. You can find the one by accessing the dating sites.

Internet Facts 10: selling and buying thing

Internet is not only a place for entertainment. You can buy and sell things here. You can get money   by accessing internet.



Everything is very easy if you can access internet. You can get the latest news, access to the research and books. Are you interested with facts about internet?

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