10 Interesting Hydropower Facts

Saturday, September 7th 2013. | Technology

Hydropower facts present one for the best sources of renewable energy in the world. People today still use the nonrenewable energy. To make the earth healthier, you need to search more options. There are many renewable energies that people can use to gain electricity such as biomass, wind, solar and geothermal. The hydropower is found widely in US. Here are some facts about hydropower.

Hydropower Facts 1: Supply of electricity

Even though the popularity of hydropower is still lowered compared to the fossil fuel energy, it occupies 10 percent for the US supply of energy now.

Hydropower Facts 2: Hydropower in the World

More than 20 percent of all electric generations have been created from the hydropower. Many countries now concern with the hydropower energy because it is renewable and simple.

Hydropower  Facts

Hydropower Facts

Hydropower Facts 3: Washington PUDs

The electricity for the Washington PUDs is supplied for more than 82 percent from the hydropower energy. It the northwest area, it occupies 61 percent of all energy.

Hydropower Facts 4: Low Cost Energy

If you compare it with other types of renewable energy generation, hydropower is cost effective. You do not need to use a lot of money to install it.

Hydropower on Dam

Hydropower on Dam

Hydropower Facts 5: Environmentally Friendly Energy

The main thing when people use the hydropower energy is because for the environmental friendly power. There is no need to worry about carbon dioxide. The hydropower system is climate friendly and carbon free. The earth will be safe when you use since the risk for pollution is lowered. Compared to other states in US, the northwest area only has a half carbon emission rate. Another source for energy with low emission is explained in solar energy facts.

Hydropower Facts 6: Domestic Production

The dangerous world market and fluctuating in political condition can be eliminated if US produces the energy using hydropower. This energy is always created domestically so that the fluctuation can be reduced.

Hydropower on River

Hydropower on River

Hydropower Facts 7: Hydropower turbines

The efficiency of hydropower is greater compared to other types of generation. The turbines can convert 90 percent energy into electricity. The other types of energy such as fossil fuel can only convert 50 percent for energy into electricity. Find more facts about energy here.

Hydropower Facts 8: Dam

8,000 dam can only generate 3 percent of energy in US.

Hydropower Plant

Hydropower Plant

Hydropower Facts 9: Hydropower Facility

The hydropower power facility can produce energy by using the flowing and falling water.

Hydropower Facts 10: Regulating the Flow of Electricity At Home

The flow for electricity in the home is very important. You can use it by picking hydropower energy. The amount of electricity generated by the power plant can be decreased or increased quickly based on the electric grid.



There are many benefits that people can get when they use the hydropower energy. They can produce electricity without harming the environment. It can promote the water supply, conserve the wildlife, support the healthy fisheries and provide good irrigation. Do you have any more facts about hydropower to add here?

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