10 Interesting Email Facts

Sunday, January 12th 2014. | Technology

Email facts present the information about one of the interesting technology features. The way communicates with other people change now. People love to use email rather than speaking directly with people at their home. Using email is more effective and efficient. You can reach them in second. Let’s talk about the email facts below:

Email Facts 1: function of email

Even though we have fax or even online meeting, email is still on the top position. The business world remains intact by using email.

Email Facts 2: Ray Tomlinson

The first person to send an email was Ray Tomlinson. Even though this man was not the one who produced or developed email, he was very much involved for developing some interesting applications in MIT.

Email facts

Email facts

Email Facts 3: the first message

The first message of email that Tomlinson sent was testing 123″ or “QWERTYUIOP”. Actually he could not remember the exact line. This email was sent between side by side computers.

Email Facts 4: spam

Spam is very popular word when people are involved with email. This word comes from the Monty Python sketch.

Email Gmail

Email Gmail

Email Facts 5: the common email password

Can you guess the common email password? People usually use 123456 as their password. It seems that netizens must try harder to find the other password.

Email Facts 6: @

In the address of your email, you can see @. This sign was transformed in code Morse in 2004. Before 2004, the Morse code @ was nothing.

Email on Laptop

Email on Laptop

Email Facts 7: morse code for @

The Morse code for @ was the string which combines A and C. People notice it with commat. It stands for commercial at.

Email Facts 8: spelling of email

People are still confused on how to spell the word email. Some people spell it E-Mail, email, e-mail, or even eMail. It seems that e-mail is more appropriate.

Laptop and Email

Laptop and Email

Email Facts 9: the Biggest Webmail Service

The Biggest Webmail Service is still held by yahoo as per September 2010. The second place is Hotmail. Gmail got the third place.

Email Facts 10: sign @

Each country has different ways to call @. Mostly it is called at.  In Dutch, it is called apestaart.

Sending Emails

Sending Emails

In 1991, the first email was sent from the space. The crew used the Apple’s early AppleLink software to a Macintosh portable computer. Do you have opinion on facts about email?

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