10 Interesting Technology Facts

Wednesday, December 23rd 2015. | Technology

Find out the interesting information about the processes, methods, skills or even techniques used to produce services or goods on Technology Facts. Technology is very important for life of human being. It makes the production easier to do. The technology can be seen on the factories, devices, machines or even computer. There are many everyday items using the technology such as washing machine, vacuum cleaner, ceiling fan, air conditioning, hair dryer and many more. Get other interesting facts about technology by reading the below post:

Technology Facts 1: the first usage of technology

The first usage of technology employed by human being was conducted by using the simple tools to convert the natural resources.

Technology Facts 2: the prehistoric discoveries of technology

Human being was able to control the environment when they could control the fire in the prehistoric era. The sources of food during the Neolithic Revolution also took part in the development of technology.  The human beings were able to travel from one place to another place due to the invention of wheels.



Technology Facts 3: the technologies in the historic times

There are various technologies developed by the people during the historic times.  The internet, telephone and printing press were invented.

Technology Facts 4: the communication

The communication can be conducted easily by the people who live in different areas. They can use the newest technology. Therefore, the interaction of human being can be conducted freely. Get facts about solar power here.

Technology Pictures

Technology Pictures

Technology Facts 5: the nuclear weapon

One of the dangerous inventions for the military purposes is the nuclear weapon. It has a very destructive power.

Technology Facts 6: the effects of technology

The effects of technology are not only positive, but also negative. The people can enjoy improved economy due to the presence of technology. Check steam engine facts here.

Technology Pic

Technology Pic

Technology Facts 7: the negative impact of technology

The negative impact of technology can be seen on the presence of damages of natural environment, global warming, decreased natural resources and pollution.

Technology Facts 8: the stone tool

The stone tool is considered as one of the important tools during the pre-historic time. The usage was dated back around 40,000 years ago.

Technology Image

Technology Image

Technology Facts 9: Paleolithic era

During the Paleolithic era, the human beings were able to create shelter and clothing. They could create the temporary wood huts dated back in 380,000 BC.

Technology Facts 10: Neolithic artifacts

Some of the technologies during Neolithic Period can be seen from the founded artifacts such as polishing tools, chisels, axe heads, and bracelets.

Technology facts

Technology facts

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