10 Interesting Iphone Facts

Thursday, April 10th 2014. | Technology

Iphone facts give you the information about one of the best selling cell phones in the world.  When people go to the store, they will always want to have a new phone. This cell phone is considered as the exclusive one in the world. People from the high class society love to get it.

Iphone Facts 1: iPhone 5S manufacture

The manufacturing process of IPhone 5S is complicated. The complexity is seen when the manufacturers have to place the black and white element on the bottom and top of the iPhone product.

IPhone Facts 2: sapphire crystal

People love to use the iPhone because it is created from the high quality material. Sapphire crystal is used to create the camera lens in iPhone 5S. The touch ID for the Home Button also uses the similar material.

iphone 5

iphone 5

IPhone Facts 3: flash

Another technology that you can find on the IPhone is reflected on the flash of the game. You can find two colored dots. One dot comes in amber color, the other one is in white color. These are beneficial to create a good picture when you activate the camera flash.

IPhone Facts 4: Bono

Bono is the lead singer of U2. People know that this man is very close to the creator to iPhone, Steve Jobs. Therefore, you can find U2 iPod.

iphone black

iphone black

IPhone Facts 5: Purple

The cost of the original iPhone project is around $150 million. The code name for this confidential 2 year development project is purple. There were only 30 people who knew about this iPhone project.

IPhone Facts 6: prototype phone

The first prototype of Apple phone was created for the first time in 1983. This first prototype was not created. The designer was Hartmut Esslinger.

iphone device

iphone device

IPhone Facts 7: iPad

It is surprising fact to know that actually iPhone was almost named as iPad. Apple wanted a different name at that time. Therefore, they looked for the possible names. One of them was iPad. But they finally call it iPhone.

IPhone Facts 8: a new display

In the last minute before the grand launching of the original iPhone, Apple wanted to redesign the display. At the midnight, the workers had to do an overtime job to change the display.

iphone facts

iphone facts

IPhone Facts 9: Foxconn

There are at least 500,000 iPhone 5S manufactured by Foxconn. IPhone 5S is in the high demand now. To fulfill the goal of the production, Foxconn has to employ 6000 per line for the 100 production line for iPhone.

IPhone Facts 10: workers

A factory located in Zhengzhou has to employ more than 300,000 people to create the iPhone 5S.

iphone white

iphone white

If you want to charge the iPhone twice faster, you need to set it into Airplane mode. What do you think on facts about iPhone?

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