10 Interesting William Shakespeare Facts

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Get more information about one of the biggest writers in the world in William Shakespeare facts. Shakespeare is a good creator. There are many of his works adapted into movies. You can see Romeo and Juliet. It was depicted by the famous actors Leonardo Dicaprio. His works remain in the heart of the people even though he died many years ago. Here are some ideas to learn about Shakespeare:

William Shakespeare Facts 1: Birthday

The birthday of Shakespeare remains mystery until this present day. It is due to the fact that no one knows about his actual birthday.

William Shakespeare Facts 2: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is William Shakespeare’s wife. Shakespeare is 8 years older that Anne Hathaway. When both were married, Anne was three months pregnant.

William Shakespeare facts

William Shakespeare facts

William Shakespeare Facts 3: The Lost Years

The lost years refer to the life facts that many people did not know about Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare Facts 4: Shakespeare’s Father

John is Shakespeare’s Father. He worked as a money lender. He lent people money with higher interest rate for about 20 up to 25 percent. Thus, he was accused in Exchequer Court of Usury.

William Shakespeare pic

William Shakespeare pic

William Shakespeare Facts 5: Mary Arden

Shakespeare’s mother is Mary Arden. He had a relative from his mother’s side named William Arden. This man was executed because he plotted against Queen Elizabeth I. Before the execution he was imprisoned in the Tower of London.

William Shakespeare Facts 6: TWO Globe Theatres

Shakespeare had a company. Because of his successful play, his company constructed TWO Globe Theatres. If you want to know another prominent artist in term of music, see mozart facts.

William Shakespeare time line

William Shakespeare time line

William Shakespeare Facts 7: Playwright

Shakespeare is a good playwright. Even though many of his plays were displayed on the theaters, he never published any of his plays.

William Shakespeare Facts 8: Work of Art

There are many works of art that Shakespeare had done in his life. Some of them include Hamlet, Othello, and Romeo and Juliet. Get more works of art in music by looking at Beethoven facts.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare Facts 9: Family

It seems that Shakespeare’s family was not noble men. All of them were illiterate. That’s why many eminent authors believe that Shakespeare did not write all his plays.

William Shakespeare Facts 10: Essex Rebellion

In 1601, a big event happened in Shakespeare with the Globe actors. All of them were implicated in the Essex Rebellion.

Shakespeare Last Will

Shakespeare Last Will

If you want to learn more about Shakespeare, you need to read his play. You can enjoy Romeo and Juliet in tears when both were dead because of love. The tragedy in the life for a moor in Othello is also a touching story that can make you cry in tears. You will know how genius Shakespeare creates such as conflict. Please give some comments on facts about Shakespeare.

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