10 Interesting Jackie Chan Facts

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Jackie Chan facts give the information about one of the best martial artists in the world. When people see the movie of Jackie Chan, they are fascinated with his kungfu. Most of his movies are funny. People are very entertained when seeing his movies like Shanghai Knight or even Rush Hour. Find out more about his movies and personal life in the following post below:

Jackie Chan Facts 1: insurance

If you think that Jackie Chan and his stunt team get insurance, you are wrong. Jackie and his stunt team have to pay all of their insurance.

Jackie Chan Facts 2: fortune

Jackie Chan is one of the richest artists in Asia. He has $130 million money in his cash. He stated to the media that his son would never get his money.

Jackie Chan facts

Jackie Chan facts

Jackie Chan Facts 3: name

The name Jackie is not his birth name. He got Jackie name when he worked in Construction Company in Canberra, Australia.

Jackie Chan Facts 4: singer

Jackie Chan is a multitalented artist. Many people know him as an actor. But actually he is a good singer too. He has released 20 albums. You can hear his voice in some of his movies.

Jackie Chan Image

Jackie Chan Image

Jackie Chan Facts 5: multiple guns

During the triad in 1980s to 1990s, Jackie Chan carried a grenade and multiple guns. They were used for protection.

Jackie Chan Facts 6: Dragon Lord

Dragon Lord is one of the unforgettable movies by Jackie Chan. During the shooting, Jackie Chan had 2900 takes for the IT scene. The scene was very complicated so that he needed to repeat again and again.

Jackie Chan pic

Jackie Chan pic

Jackie Chan Facts 7: Rush Hour

Rush Hour is one of the most popular movies by Jackie Chan. He stated that actually Rush Hour movie is not his favorite because he does not understand the American humor and action scene in the movies. He willingly did the movie because the producer gave him a lot of amount of money for the payment.

Jackie Chan Facts 8: Mulan

You can hear the voice of Jackie Chan when you listen to the Chinese song of Mulan. The title is I’ll Make a Man out of you”.

Jackie Chan Young

Jackie Chan Young

Jackie Chan Facts 9: Nosebleed

One of the most interesting movies by Jackie Chan is Nosebleed. This movie was released in 2001. The theme of this movie is about the terrorist attack on the World Trade center. Jackie Chan became the window washer who had to stop the terrorist attack.

Jackie Chan Facts10: language

Jackie has a wonderful ability in language. There are 10 languages that he fluently speaks. Those are German, Cantonese, American Sign Language, Japanese, Korean and many more.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan

Do you know that the real name of Jackie Chan is Chan Kong Sang? If you have more information on facts about Jackie Chan, you can comment here.

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