10 Interesting Jenson Button Facts

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If you love with formula one, why don’t you read Jenson Button facts? Button is one of the great racers in formula one. People are fascinated with his skill when he is on the track. You can find out about his winning time, personal life and early life in the following post below:

Jenson Button Facts 1: date of birth

Jenson Button was born on January 19, 1980. His full name is Jenson Alexander Lyons Button. This British formula one driver is currently working to McLaren.

Jenson Button Facts 2: Brawn GP

In 2009, Jenson Button drove for Brawn GP. That’s why people recognize him as the Formula One world Champion 2009.

Jenson Button

Jenson Button

Jenson Button Facts 3: karting

When he was only 8 years old, Button did karting. It seems that he had skill and talent to become a car racer. He could gain success by following British Formula Three Championship and British Formula Ford Championship.

Jenson Button Facts 4: Williams F1

In 2000 season of formulas one, he was included in Williams F1. In 2001, He moved to Bennton. In 2002, he went to Renault. He went to BAR in 2003 F1 season.

Jenson Button F1

Jenson Button F1

Jenson Button Facts 5: World Drivers’ Championship

His breakthrough occurred in 2004 after he finished in the third place. The first and second places were occupied by Ferraris. After 113 races, Button won his first grand prix in 2006 season.

Jenson Button Facts 6: Honda

Honda was out of the F1 sport in December 2008. It means that Button was left without any car to drive. So he was out of the track in 2009 seasons.

Jenson Button facts

Jenson Button facts

Jenson Button Facts 7: Mercedes-engine car

In February 2009, Button was back on the track after Ross Brawn wanted him to engage with Mercedes-engine car.

Jenson Button Facts 8: Brawn GP

Brawn GP was very impressed with his performance in the 2009 season. It is due to the fact that he had a good record. At the Brazilian Grand Prix, he was on the top place.

Jenson Button Image

Jenson Button Image

Jenson Button Facts 9: McLaren

He is the partner of Lewis Hamilton in McLaren. In 2010, he moved to McLaren. He became the runner up in 2011 season.

Jenson Button Facts 10: the first pole

The race in Belgium 2012 was his success. He took the first poll at that time. He got 50 podium finishes from 251 races.

Jenson Button Pic

Jenson Button Pic

Top Gear named Jenson Button as the Men of the Year in 2009 and 2011. Are you interested reading facts about Jansen Button?

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