10 Interesting Wilhelm Wundt Facts

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Wilhelm Wundt Facts tell the readers about the German physician. He was born on August 16th, 1832 and died on August 31st, 1920.  He was also known as a professor, philosopher and psychologist. Today, he is often dubbed as one of the founding fathers of modern psychology. The first person who called himself a psychologist was Wundt for he distinguished psychology from biology and philosophy. Find out other interesting facts about Wundt below:

Wilhelm Wundt Facts 1: the unofficial title

What is the unofficial title of Wundt? He is often called as the father of experimental psychology. The first formal laboratory for psychological research was established by Wundt at University of Leipzig.

Wilhelm Wundt Facts 2: the importance of the laboratory

By having a laboratory intended for psychological research, Wundt treated this field of study independently. Therefore, psychology stood on its own as an independent science.

Wilhelm Wundt Facts

Wilhelm Wundt Facts

Wilhelm Wundt Facts 3: Philosophische Studien

Philosophische Studien is the title of Wundt’s first academic journal published by the research institute, which narrated his finding on psychological research in 1881 until 1902.

Wilhelm Wundt Facts 4: the reputation

Wundt has impressive reputation as a psychologist. The ratings given by 29 American historians of psychology ranked him on the first place according to a survey in 1991 by American Psychologist. The second and third places were taken by William James and Sigmund Freud. Look at facts about Walter Payton here.

Wilhelm Wundt

Wilhelm Wundt


Wilhelm Wundt Facts 5: the birthplace

The birthplace of Wundt was located in Neckarau, Baden. His father was a Lutheran Minister, Maximilian Wundt. His mother was Marie Frederike. He was the fourth kid in the family.

Wilhelm Wundt Facts 6: education

He attended University of Tübingen, University of Heidelberg and University of Berlin in 1851 until 1856. In 1856, he graduated from Heidelberg with a doctor of medicine. Get facts about Walt Whitman here.

Wilhelm Wundt Work

Wilhelm Wundt Work

Wilhelm Wundt Facts 7: Theory of Sense Perception

Contributions to the Theory of Sense Perception was written by Wundt when he was employed for teaching laboratory course in psychology at Heidelberg.

Wilhelm Wundt Facts 8: the interest

Wundt developed higher interest of psychology and its related fields than the medical field.

Facts about Wilhelm Wundt

Facts about Wilhelm Wundt

Wilhelm Wundt Facts 9: personal life

Wundt and Sophie Mau wedded on August 14th, 1872. His father-in-law was Heinrich August Mau, a Kiel theology professor.

Wilhelm Wundt Facts 10: kids

The couple was blessed with three kids. Max Wundt was the youngest one who emerged as a notable philosopher. The other two are Eleanor and Louise.

Wilhelm Wundt Pic

Wilhelm Wundt Pic

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