10 Interesting Robert Bunsen Facts

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Robert Bunsen Facts talk about the famous German chemist who was known for the discovery of rubidium, caesium and cacodyl radical. He also created several inventions such as carbon-zinc electrochemical cell, Bunsen burner and methods of gas analysis. Get more facts about his invention, personal life and early life.

Robert Bunsen Facts 1: the awards

Due to his contribution as a chemist, Bunsen earned various awards. He got Davy Medal, Albert Medal and Copley Medal.

Robert Bunsen Facts 2: the date of birth

Bunsen was born on 30 March 1811 as Robert Wilhelm Eberhard Bunsen at Göttingen. He passed away on 16 August 1899. This German chemist gained a lot of attention after he and Gustav Kirchhoff discovered caesium in 1860 and rubidium in 1861.

Facts about Robert Bunsen

Facts about Robert Bunsen

Robert Bunsen Facts 3: Peter Desaga

Bunsen had a laboratory assistant. His name was Peter Desaga. Both of them worked on the Bunsen burner. It was the improved version of the laboratory burners.

Robert Bunsen Facts 4: The Bunsen–Kirchhoff Award

The Bunsen–Kirchhoff Award was derived from the name of Bunsen and Kirchhoff. This award is given for the achievement for spectroscopy.

Robert Bunsen Chemist

Robert Bunsen Chemist

Robert Bunsen Facts 5: the family life

Bunsen’s father was Christian Bunsen who lived in 1770 to 1837. He was a chief librarian and professor of modern philology in University of Göttingen. In the family, he was the youngest one of four sons.

Robert Bunsen Facts 6: the early life and education

In 1831, Bunsen got his PhD degree. Then he traveled to some countries such as Germany, Austria and France between 1832 and 1833.

Robert Bunsen facts

Robert Bunsen facts

Robert Bunsen Facts 7: a lecturer

He began his career as a lecturer at Göttingen in 1833. He also started his experiment on the solubility of arsenous acid.

Robert Bunsen Facts 8: precipating agent

One of his discoveries used until this present day was precipating agent of iron oxide hydrate. It can be used to fight against the arsenic poisoning. Get facts about James Watt here.

Robert Bunsen Pic

Robert Bunsen Pic

Robert Bunsen Facts 9: Polytechnic School of Kassel

Bunsen became the lecturer at Polytechnic School of Kassel in 1836 for 3 years after he succeeded Friedrich Wöhler. In 1841, Bunsen got the promotion for the full professorship at University of Marburg. Find another scientist in Rene Descartes facts.

Robert Bunsen Facts 10: retirement

He changed his focus on the work of mineralogy and geology when he retired at the age of 78. He passed away at the age of 88 in Heidelberg.

Robert Bunsen

Robert Bunsen

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