10 Interesting Kesha Facts

Wednesday, May 21st 2014. | People

Kesha facts present the interesting ideas about the unique singer in the world. There are many hit songs that make Kesha famous in the world. Her action on stage is also amazing. If you like to know more about her early life and works, read the post below:

Kesha Facts 1: writer

Before Kesha is famous as a singer, she always defined herself as a writer. We are curious to know her writing style.

Kesha Facts 2: Scrapbooks

When Kesha feels depressed or down, she will look at the scrapbooks from her fans to make her feel better. The scrapbooks also give her inspiration to create her picture book reflection.

Kesha Beuty

Kesha Beuty

Kesha Facts 3: Warrior

The term warrior that she used for the title of the new album was inspired when he was in Galapagos Island. At that time, she sat on a rock and looked at the fresh water in the island. Then the idea came across her mind.

Kesha Facts 4: Lagan

Lagan is the name of her older brother. He was the one to introduce Kesha to Sonic Youth, Fugazi and OutKast.

Kesha facts

Kesha facts

Kesha Facts 5: tattoo

Kalan is the name of her cousin.  You can find that Kesha has a tattoo in her foot with an image of a whale. The tattoo is dedicated to Kalan.

Kesha Facts 6: $

If you look at her album, Kesha always puts $ in the middle of her name. In an interview, she stated that $ sign is to say that she is money.

Kesha Pic

Kesha Pic

Kesha Facts 7: live performance

The life performance of Kesha is wonderful. She hypnotizes people with her action. To get inspiration on stage, she always looks at her idols such as Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper.

Kesha Facts 8: tour

Kesha often states that the concept of her tour is a graphic punk-rock odyssey, catchy pop music and a sensory assault style. Find out another unique tour in Katy Perry facts.

Kesha Style

Kesha Style

Kesha Facts 9: Family

Kesha has a Hungary descent. Even though Kesha looks wild, she thinks that family is the important thing in her life.

Kesha Facts 10: hallucination

When she was in Europe, she feels so sleepy. It made her hallucinated as if she were on stage.

Kesha Unique

Kesha Unique

At one time, you can see that Kesha’s mother is wild and hot. On stage, she danced with a penis costume. Do you have any opinion on facts about Kesha?

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