10 Interesting Beethoven Facts

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Beethoven facts make you close with one of the greatest musicians in the world. Many people admire him because of his talents and work of art. If he is one for your favorite musicians all the time, why don’t you check some facts about Beethoven below? You will know more about his personal life, career and music?

Beethoven Facts 1: Piano Sonatas

There are three piano sonatas named by Beethoven. Some of them include Pathetique in No. 8 in C-Minor, Moonlight in No. 14 in C-Sharp Minor and Appassionata in No. 23 in F-Minor.

Beethoven Facts 2: Opera

In his lifetime, Beethoven only wrote one opera entitled Fidelio. It was written in 1805. It was revised twice in 1806 and 1814. The opera talked about a wife who wanted to save her husband who caught as a politician prisoner.

Beethoven as a Kid

Beethoven as a Kid

Beethoven Facts 3: Violin Concertos

It will be so amazing if Beethoven is still alive nowadays for you can see his performance directly. Beethoven wrote only one violin concertos in his life time.

Beethoven Facts 4: Piano Concertos

Beethoven is a proficient musician in the history. In his lifetime, he wrote five piano concertos.  The best one probably is named as The Emperor.

Beethoven Conducting

Beethoven Conducting

Beethoven Facts 5: Symphonies

This noble man wrote 9 symphonies. Most of them are used by the present musicians in their concert. Most people are familiar with symphony 6th. However, the most played ones are symphonies 3th, 5th, 7th and 9th.

Beethoven Facts 6: The Last Performance

The last performance of Beethoven as a pianist occurred in 1814 because he was deaf.  He could not hear anything when he performed. It made him so sad. When people wanted to have a conversation with him, they need to write it down on a note.

Beethoven Facts

Beethoven Facts

Beethoven Facts 7: Instrument of Beethoven

Beethoven is a wonderful musician for he is not only a pianist. He can play organ and violin well. Even though his did not gain the critical acclaim when he was young, he was one of the most proficient musicians in the history.

Beethoven Facts 8: Early Life

Beethoven was born on 17 December 1770 in Bonn. It was part of Germany. This man shaped his career in Bonn to follow his father and grandfather. They also worked as a musician.



Beethoven Facts 9: Inspirations

Beethoven is always known as an eccentric man. He had a wild hair and always wore shabby clothes. To gain the inspiration, he always walked around the village of Vienna. Probably the pastoral Symphony is inspired from the landscape in country and village area.

Beethoven Facts 10: Death of Beethoven

Beethoven died in 26 March 1827. In Vienna tradition, passing a torch was very important in a funeral. The torch bearer in his funeral was Franz Schubert. When he died, it was storming.

Young Beethoven

Young Beethoven

People will always remember Beethoven as one of the greatest musicians in the world. His work of art is played today. Some musicians also gain the inspiration for his symphony.  By reading the facts about Beethoven above, you know that being a musician is not easy.

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