10 Interesting Samuel Pepys Facts

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Samuel Pepys Facts present the details about the English naval administrator. This man was famous because of his diary that he wrote when he was young. He kept the diary for almost a decade. Pepys was born on 23 February 1633 and passed away on 26 May 1703. He became the Chief Secretary of the Admiralty under King Charles II and King James II even though he had no maritime experience. However, Pepys had great administration skill. He was also a hardworking man. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Pepys below:

Samuel Pepys Facts 1: the Royal Navy

He contributed a lot of to the royal navy because of his administrational reformation and influence.

Samuel Pepys Facts 2: the private diary

In 19th century, the private diary of Pepys was published for the first time.  During the English Restoration period, it was used as one of the main sources. In the diary, people could find out the account of the important events such as the Great Fire of London, The Second Dutch War and Great Plague of London. The diary also presented the personal revelation of Pepys. This diary was written from 1660 till 1669 by Pepys.

Samuel Pepys

Samuel Pepys

Samuel Pepys Facts 3: John Pepys

Samuel Pepys was the descendant of John Pepys. Elizabeth Talbot who was the heiress of Cottenham in Cambridgeshire was the wife of John.

Samuel Pepys Facts 4: place of birth and parents

Samuel Pepys was the son of John Pepys and Margaret Pepys. His father worked as a tailor. Samuel was born in Salisbury Court, Fleet Street, London.

Samuel Pepys Picture

Samuel Pepys Picture

Samuel Pepys Facts 5: Talbot Pepys

Talbot Pepys was the great uncle of Samuel. In 1625, he became MP for Cambridge for a brief period of time.

Samuel Pepys Facts 6: the children in the family

Actually there were 11 children in the family and Pepys was the fifth child. Since the mortality of the child was very high, Samuel was considered as the oldest survivor in the family.

Samuel Pepys Pic

Samuel Pepys Pic

Samuel Pepys Facts 7: education

Pepys went to Huntingdon Grammar School in 1644.  In 1646 till 1650, he attended St Paul’s School in London. In 1649, he was present during the execution of Charles I.

Samuel Pepys Facts 8: marriage

Elisabeth de St Michel was the wife of Pepys that he married on 10 October 1655 at a religious ceremony. His wife was the descendant of Grench Huguenot immigrants. On 1st December 1655, the civil ceremony was conducted at St Margaret’s Westminster.

Samuel Pepys Figure

Samuel Pepys Figure

Samuel Pepys Facts 9: the important of the diary

The diary of Samuel Pepys is still used by the historians when they want to find out the life of the people in 17th century. Get facts about Sam Walton here.

Samuel Pepys Facts 10: the everyday life

You can find out the everyday life of the upper middle class citizens in Britain 1660s from the diary of Pepys.

Samuel Pepys Facts

Samuel Pepys Facts

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