10 Interesting William Penn Facts

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If you like studying about history, why don’t you read William Penn Facts? Penn was the son of Sir William Penn. He was born on October 14th, 1644 and died on July 30th, 1718. He was known as the founder of Pennsylvania. Penn was a supporter of religious freedom and democracy. The city of Philadelphia grew well because of his supervision. Moreover, Penn had a great relationship with Lenape tribe. Let us get other important facts about Penn below:

William Penn Facts 1: the debts

A large piece of American land holdings of King Charles II was given to him for King Charles had a debt to Penn’s father in 1681. The land given to him covered the modern-day Delaware and Pennsylvania.

William Penn Facts 2: the journey to America

He had a trans-Atlantic journey to reach the American soil. In 1682, he arrived in New Castle.

William Penn Facts

William Penn Facts

William Penn Facts 3: as the new proprietor

Penn became the new proprietor after the colonists wanted allegiance. The colony also held a general assembly. Then Penn had his journey in Delaware River. After that, Penn established Philadelphia. However, the Swedish, Dutch and English settlers were not in favor with the Quaker government established by Penn. Get facts about Philadelphia here.

William Penn Facts 4: a pacifist Quaker

Penn was known as a pacifist Quaker. He paid high level of attention of peace and war problems.

William Penn Coat of Arms

William Penn Coat of Arms

William Penn Facts 5: Primitive Christianity

Penn was a strong supporter of Primitive Christianity. He encouraged the believers to embrace this spirit in his many written works.

William Penn Facts 6: the religious conviction

Penn had to face extreme religious conviction because of his belief and faith. He was sent to the Tower of London a number of times. He became a Christian classic when he was imprisoned in the Tower of London in his book No Cross, No Crown (1669). Check facts about Penn State here.

William Penn Pic

William Penn Pic

William Penn Facts 7: the birthplace

The birthplace of Penn was located at Tower Hill, London. His mother was from a Dutch family, Margaret Jasper. His father was Sir William Penn.

William Penn Facts 8: the first wife

The first wife of Penn was Gulielma Maria Posthuma Springett. The couple was blessed with five daughters and three sons.

William Penn

William Penn

William Penn Facts 9: the second marriage

After the death of his first wife, he married Hannah Margaret Callowhill. They had eight kids.

William Penn Facts 10:  as a secular state

Penn gave America a big legacy. At first, Pennsylvania was established because of religion. Over the years, it appears as a secular state.

Facts about William Penn

Facts about William Penn

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