10 Interesting Heinrich Schliemann Facts

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Heinrich Schliemann facts are collections of trivia which you can gather more about how to deal with it. There are different people who want to study further about this. They way you take benefit from it is better if you know exactly how to enjoy the facts for your purpose.

Heinrich Schliemann Facts 1: birth

The most basic fact to recognize is about the birth. Heinrich Schliemann was born in Neubukow, Meckleburg-Schwerin. It was on 1822.

Heinrich Schliemann Facts 2: family

His father was Ernst Schliemann. He was a Protestant minister. The family moved to Ankershagen in 1823. His mother was Luise Therese Sophie. She died when Heinrich was nine years old. Perhaps this was very terrible fact of him.

Heinrich Schliemann

Heinrich Schliemann

Heinrich Schliemann Facts 3: education

He once transferred to Realschule. It was vocational school actually. The transfer was because of the accusation of his father’s embezzlement of church funds. Heinrich needs to leave the institution because the father cannot fund his education anymore.

Heinrich Schliemann Facts 4: Herr Holtz’s grocery

At the age 14, he became the apprentice at Herr Holtz’s grocery. It was in Furstenberg actually. There he labored for 5 years.

Heinrich Schliemann Face

Heinrich Schliemann Face

Heinrich Schliemann Facts 5: Import and Export firm

It was on March 1, 1844 when he took a position with B. H. Schroder & Co. It was an import and also export firm. There he learned Greek and Russian. He wrote diary as well there.

Heinrich Schliemann Facts 6: Ekaterina

He married Ekaterina on October 12, 185. The marriage had the troubles from the start. They had a son named Sergey. They also had 2 daughters named Nadezhda and Natalya.

Heinrich Schliemann facts

Heinrich Schliemann facts

Heinrich Schliemann Facts 7: travels

It was true that Schliemann conducted many travels. He indeed often separated from his wife and his children. He suffered from threats in divorcing Ekaterina. He also lied about his residency.

Heinrich Schliemann Facts 8:  pertaining Greek culture

He needed an assistant in how to help him in pertaining to Greek culture. He also had divorced Ekaterina in 1869. He later advertised for a wife in Athens’ newspaper. He gained suggestion such as Sophia Engastromenos.

Heinrich Schliemann Style

Heinrich Schliemann Style

Heinrich Schliemann Facts 9: Troy

He began his work on Troy in 1871. His excavations began before the archaeology had developed as the professional field. Troy was the famous work in Trojan War.

Heinrich Schliemann Facts 10: ear infection

He once had ear infection. He got his operation on November 13. It was a success actually. Yet, the condition of his ear became worse later.

Those facts about Heinrich Schliemann are sufficient for your right? If you want to gather further info about Heinrich Schliemann, you can use different sources including the internet. This can make you better learner.

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