10 Interesting Penny Facts

Sunday, October 5th 2014. | Finance

Find out the interesting ideas about the coins in the world by reading Penny Facts. For more than centuries, penny has been used for money by most people in the world. In 1909, the first Lincoln Penny was created in United States. If you want more facts, get the ideas below:

Penny Facts 1: Lincoln cent

The Lincoln cent is very famous in United States. It was created in 1909. Do you know the designer of thick coin? He was Victor D. Brenner. Get facts about Abraham Lincoln here.

Penny Facts 2: the Lincoln Memorial reverses

The one who designed the Lincoln Memorial reverse that people can see on the Lincoln cents was Frank Grasparro.



Penny Facts 5: the Indian Penny

In 1859 till 1909, the Indian head penny was created in the country. Every day, there are at least 30 million pennies in United States produced.

Penny Facts 4: the weight of penny

If you look at the coin United States, you can have each of them in the weight of 2.5 grams.

Penny Facts

Penny Facts

Penny Facts 5: copper

Copper was the main material to create the US Mint. But the copper was replaced with a zinc coated steel to conserve the copper in the war in 1943.

Penny Facts 6: the material of a penny

Today, United States use 2.5 percent copper and 97.5 percent zinc to create pennies. Most pennies in the world can last until 25 years.

Penny Ideas

Penny Ideas

Penny Facts 7: design

If you are a penny collection, you are served with 11 different designs of pennies in United States.

Penny Facts 8: 100th anniversary of his birth

The Lincoln coin created in 1909 was used to mark 100th anniversary of his birth. The coin designer chooses the Lincoln face to the right.

Penny Pic

Penny Pic

Penny Facts 9: the motto

The motto of the first coin to create in United States was In God We trust.

Penny Facts 10: pennies in US

It is stated that almost 2/3 of coins created by the United States government are pennies.



The cost of production for each penny is around .93 cent. But it has one cent for a single penny. Are you impressed with facts about penny?

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