10 Interesting Philadelphia Facts

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If you want to know the detail information about the cradle of Liberty and the city of the Brotherly love, you have to check Philadelphia Facts. There nicknames are always attached to Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a part of the history. If you want more facts about the city, check the following explanation below:

Philadelphia Facts 1: Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence is very important to the life of the American people. It marked the freedom of the American people. It was signed and adopted in Philadelphia. The United States Constitution was adopted and signed here too. If you visit Philadelphia, you can also find Independence Hall.

Philadelphia Facts 2: Philly Cheesesteak sandwich

Philly Cheesesteak sandwich was invented in Philadelphia. The inventors for this sandwich were Brothers Pat and Harry Olivieri. They had a little hot dog stand and served it to the people in 1930. Because of the great popularity of the sandwich, Pat had his own restaurant.

Philadelphia At Night

Philadelphia At Night

Philadelphia Facts 3: meeting place

For several years, the meeting place for the United States congress was located in Philadelphia. In 1790 until 1797, George Washington served as the president of United States here.

Philadelphia Facts 4: “The Philadelphia Packet and Daily Advertiser”

“The Philadelphia Packet and Daily Advertiser” was called as the first every daily newspaper in America.  In 1784 until 1790, the newspaper circulated in America. Check out the famous university in Philadelphia by reading Penn State facts.

Philadelphia Facts

Philadelphia Facts

Philadelphia Facts 5: ENIAC

ENIAC was famous as the first fully electronic computer in the world. Do you know that ENIAC was build and designed in the city? Compared to the previous computer invented before ENIAC, it was a thousand times better.

Philadelphia Facts 6: the first American Flag

The first American Flag was designed in Philadelphia. Betsy Ross had sewn the first flag from her upholstery shop.

Philadelphia Pic

Philadelphia Pic

Philadelphia Facts 7: haunted houses

Living in Philadelphia is not like what you think. If you are very superstitious, it is better for you not live here. The rumor states that there are many haunted houses in Philadelphia. Therefore, it is called as one of the haunted cities in US.

Philadelphia Facts 8: Philadelphia Stock Exchange

The oldest stock exchange in United States is located in Philadelphia. Philadelphia Stock Exchange was established in 1790.

Philadelphia Skyline

Philadelphia Skyline

Philadelphia Facts 9: Liberty Bell

If you want to one of the best icons in the American history, you have to check out the liberty bell.

Philadelphia Facts 10: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts was established in 1805. It was the first art school and art museum built in America.



Philadelphia Zoo was the first zoo in United States. It was opened for the first time in 1874 and chartered in 1859. Do you want to give opinion on facts about Philadelphia?

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