10 Interesting Ayn Rand Facts

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One of the wonderful women is explained on Ayn Rand facts. This woman had experienced many events when she was alive. She faced the economy sputters during her life. People are inspired by her life. Find out more about her in the following post.

Ayn Rand Facts 1: Alan Greenspan

We know that people who like to search the detail of Ayn Rand must know the old friendship between Rand and former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. This man was very important to her life because he assisted her with money support. Without his help, there is no way that Rand would invent her money.

Ayn Rand Facts 2: money saving

When Rand was alive she never trusted anyone when it came about the money decision.  She died in 1982. She saved her money in the bank located across her apartment.

Ayn Rand fact

Ayn Rand fact

Ayn Rand Facts 3: fear

At first Rand was so afraid to invest her money because of several issues such as the government’s control and inflation on economy.

Ayn Rand Facts 4: Ms. Eickhoff

Ms. Eickhoff was one her financial advisers which gave Rand encouragement to invest in some special bonds.

Ayn Rand facts

Ayn Rand facts

Ayn Rand Facts 5: US citizen

In 1931, finally Rand got his ID as a US citizen.  In her presidential election, she voted Franklin D. Roosevelt because the campaigns promised to serve the US citizens with low taxes and exclusion of European war.

Ayn Rand Facts 6: Atlas Shrugged

Rand is also a good writer. In 1946, she made Atlas Shrugged. The book parodied Roosevelt’s new deal policies.

Ayn Rand Graveyard

Ayn Rand Graveyard

Ayn Rand Facts 7: name

Do you know the real name of Ayn Rand? She was born with the name of Alisa Rosenbaum. In 1926, when she moved to US, she changed her name into Ayn Rand.

Ayn Rand Facts 8: sale of her book

Her book, Atlas Shrugged is very inspirational. In 2009, the book was sold in 500,000 copies. In 2010, it was sold in 350,000 copies.

Ayn Rand Old

Ayn Rand Old

Ayn Rand Facts 9: atheist

Rand was an atheist. Her philosophy was secular. She was born in Jewish but she found no connection with her religion. So, she decided to become an atheist.

Ayn Rand Facts 10: monetary donation

She gave some money to Israel in 1973 for her first monetary donation.

Ayn Rand Young

Ayn Rand Young

Rand’s husband was an artist Charles Francis O’Connor. She married him when both met in movie set of King of Kings in 1926. Do you want to comment on facts about Ayn Rand?

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